Jahangir Alam Akash: Human rights are an extensive and widespread matter. This concept is hundred percent universal. What can be imagination human rights, except the rights of food, clothing, shelter, medical care, education? Free from all bindings called human rights. It is a fundamental right and freedom. That is all people alike to enjoy the right to receive or maintain. Economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights are of all human rights.
There are significant human rights conditions in the eyes of the law are survival of freedom, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, freedom to work, freedom of cultural activities, freedom of food, religious freedom, and equal right for all. Misgovernment, inequality, lawlessness, injustice, indiscipline, corruption and even the name of religion the running extremism, terrorism, and many other ways including the autocratic mentality human rights are being jeopardized. Due to these causes the common people are right-less of country to country. By this product is increasing the procession of food, education, medical care and homeless people over the whole world.
In Asia, Africa, America and Europe everywhere to the world about human rights abuses is notable. The only difference is this – somewhere less than the impacts. In the line of human rights, Asia and Africa’s position are miserable than Europe or America. Many countries of Asia and Africa submerged under corruption. There is no real democracy in practice. There is also no scientific institutional education system and the development of the technology infrastructure for use. However, the impact of natural disasters, political unrest, dash, and division many negative symptoms are there in Bangladesh. Out of these, there is a violation of human rights by rich countries and alliances in the name of to protect people from the autocratic rulers.
Behind the protection of human rights, human rights are grabbing by both inter-and outer strength! The violators of human rights are taking shelter by various techniques. As a matter of human rights and universal human rights around the world today, the issue has become a public issue. Of course has a different meaning of it to the opportunist, corruption-power minded state leaders and their collaborator. The power, family and personal comfort are the major subjects of them.
The two sides are always active around human rights. One side is to protect the rights of human being, other side is the violator. In reality we see that, human rights are violating by both parts! Rising violence, indiscipline, injustice and many black laws are violating the human rights. In many countries, extra judicial killings are going on where there is no believe or practice to the democracy.
On the other side, the uses of firearms, bomb and ammunition are damaging innocent people’s lives. The women and children are not exemption from it. War is destroying city, port, civilization and culture. To be changing the living of lives. Destroy the environment. Society is going to lose the peace, and harmony. Who will be taken this responsibility?
However, use of the bomb and the weapon is never to protect the rights or lives. It does can only destroy the peace and human life. But the intellectual of the state runners doesn’t or can’t understand this easy matter. Sometimes, in the name of protecting human rights and peoples become their large aims to achieve economic interests and aggressions. Up to the exchange of interest for those days is no problem. Then, the autocratic leaders are good! Whenever the problems come regarding the interests then the leaders become very dangerous for the people and human rights. Is this theory compatible with universal human rights? That means they do not understand it!
People understand that, once upon a time the rulers of autocratic and human rights violator were best friend of some imperialist rulers. Extra judicial killings are not legal in the third world countries! Even kill to a terrorist is not legal there but if any country is from the first world killed to someone in extra judicially wouldn’t be a violation of human rights! Is this contradictory and discriminating behavior or doctrine can be established peace, human rights in the society, in the world? Funny thing is that, the formula of extra judicial killings is same in everywhere. It happened in third world or in the first world.
The main topic for discussion today is the human rights practice inside of my favorite motherland Bangladesh. There are many ways to oppressing the people, to violate the human rights and dignity. State, state forces, terrorist groups have a good role to become the violators of human rights. There are human rights unsuccessful as universality, human rights are divided by the politics or believe of politics. Human rights are defeated by the individual and his or her political ideology in Bangladesh. Some of the people are using human rights as the slope for personal and the political interest. If someone has effected unexpectedly for any private cause then he or she makes color on it as it’s a violation of human rights. Such an event has been occurred recently at Thakurgaon, is the northern part of Bangladesh.
Dear reader, I consider the details of this event for justification and observations. On 10 January, 2011 Bangladesh Institute of Human Rights (BIHR) executive director Sahanur Islam (alias Saikot) has filed a complaint with Thakurgaon Sadar police station. He wrote, “on January 9 in a time of 1.30am in the event of human rights violation, I went to the home of so called victims Jalil and Yunus at the village of Bania Jhargaon of Thakurgaon with my two assistants Sohel Rana and Ujjal Hossen. A terrorists group has attacked on us by the help of that victim Jalil and Yunus. They were taken our laptop, camera, id, video, pen-drive, money and mobile phones from us. When we tried to resists them then they threatened us to kill.”
This issue has come to my notice in May, 2011. When, I was just finishing my Austrian part after Germany. I was noticed with this event by Jenny Lundström, Human Rights Officer of “Global Human Rights Defense” (GHRD). She sent me a Bengali text for translating to English. Though, I am not good in English. In spite of, I like to try to do it as my ability. I personally have indebted to Jenny. Friendly, humanistic Jenny is working to develop the human rights in Asia, especially she works hardly for Bangladesh.

I indebted and grateful to the Amnesty International, International Pen, Asian Human Rights Commission, Reporters Without Borders (RSF), Pen-Norway, Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ), Hamburg Foundation, International Haus Der Autoren- Graz, Austria, International Cities of refugees Network (ICORN), GHRD, Bangladesh Rehabilitation Center for Trauma Victims, Christian Development Alternative, Rajshahi Press Club, Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (Sobhan-Jalil), E-Bangladesh etc. I also particularly grateful to the German journalist and human right defender Bernhard Hertlein (Amnesty International, German Section), German author and human right activist Myriam Alexowitz, Chairman of the Writers in Prison Committee, International Pen Marian Botsford Fraser, Helge Lunde, Executive director of ICORN, Elisabeth Dyvik, Program director of ICORN. I would also like to give thanks to an eminent journalist-editor of Bangladesh , ABM Musa, writer Abduallah Al-Harun, Professor AAMS Arefin Siddique (Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University), Prof. Anwar Hossain of Dhaka University, Prof. Malay Bhowmic (Management), Abdullah-Al Mamun (Mass Communication and Journalism) of Rajshahi University Prof. Rahnuma Ahmed & Prof. Sohel Ahmed (Jahangirnagar University), Lutfar Rahman (former President of Rajshahi Chamber & Commerce Association), Naymul Islam Khan (Editor of Amader Somoy), Maynul Islam Khan (Bangladesh Correspondent of Reporters Without Borders) those who were sympathetic towards me and support me in many ways during my dangerous time in Bangladesh. I am grateful to all of them.
However, I doubt Mr. Shahnur’s complaint after read it. It was too large event, but the media has ignored it! The founder of BIHR is a member of parliament of ruling party Bangladesh Awami League. Shahnur’s political ideology is same. My mind is involved with journalism and I have dedicated my career to be a two-decade-long journalism. No doubt about it, the search continues to monitor and investigate the truth is a professional duty of a journalist. I prayed help from my fellow journalist friends whom I known. Many of them give up their hands to me to investigate the complaint of Shahnur. I got the cell number of a concern police. Firstly, I phoned to Mr. Gopal Chakrabarty, officer in charge of Thakurgaon police station. I wanted to know about the complaint of Shahnur. He wanted to know from me that which side I phoned. I want to know the truth and the truth, I am always in favor. He told me, in this case (Mr. Shahnur complaint), there are a lot of pressure. What is stress and why, he didn’t reply. Instead, he gave me the cell number of the investigative officer of Shahnur’s complaint and advised me to talk with him. Investigative officer, Kamal Mohan Chaki said, the matter is under investigation. This is not something to be said! So my doubt on the contents of the complaint has increased. I decided to investigate the matter. Some journalist friends of mine of Panchagarh and Thakurgaon (northern part of Bangladesh) respond to investigate it, after my request. A three member investigative team was formed by two local famous journalists of Thakurgaon district, including a lawyer.
Committee members have tried to discover the actual event or truth from the spot. Committee report sent to me that I want to share with you exactly. “The people of Jhargaon/Bania village of Thakurgaon Sadar Upazila are not aware till today with any event of human rights violation. They do not know of any incidents of human rights violation. According to the different class-profession of local people, there is a group of fake dollar businessmen are active. The counterfeit dollar businessmen are making deception with different people. Many people come here from different part of the country to purchase the US Dollar. They can purchase it comparatively much less as the market value. There are many valuable tools, including money to plunder are common. In the event of such a document contains found from the police file in last two/three years. A village doctor, Bishanath Roy (30) told the investigation team, ‘If any human rights violation event would occur around the village then it should be known to me. I discussed with the people about many things even their family problems during my out of professional time. If such a sensitive issue in the region has been occurred of course it could be known.’ He said, but someone was cheated by a group of sharper at 500/700 meters away from the market to come for purchasing the US dollar. Piar Ali (21), son of Kabirul told, some person had been deceived whose were come to purchasing the US dollar. In this connection, Thakurgaon Sadar police have arrested a middle aged man called Hamidul Islam who charged with cheating. Arrested Hamid said, he was not at home of the event day. Moksed, Tara Miah and many other local people have told that, they are not aware of the any human rights violation event in this area. People told that, Mr. Shahnur has accused the aged Yunus and Jalil. Both of them are now over 70 years. They don’t have the normal ability to act of walking or moving. So how they made this crime, we don’t understand. Investigator of this case, Komal Mohan said, the event is still not fully investigated. However, he acknowledged that the area is famous for fake dollar business. He also said, maybe a bad group was given false identification and information to Mr. Shahanur Islam and took him here.”
This is the activity of a human right worker or a leader of human rights in Bangladesh! Shahnur Islam is not only the chief of a human right organization, but also he is the ‘Justice Maker’ of an organization based in Switzerland. And he also recently appointed as country observer for GHRD. He himself clarified this latest designation of him at the Face book. Conscious, respectable reader, I do not want to make any comment about the above event. Do not want to. And now by you to monitor the actual content and the truth, might be what? I can just say that, this so-called justice maker is an expert to say false!
Before coming to Germany forced to leave the motherland, I had experienced with his treachery. I think we need to focus on this issue. I was unlawfully arrested in 2007. When, I was doing journalism, as well as performing as regional coordinator for Bangladesh Rehabilitation Center for Trauma Victims (BRCT). Mr. Shahnur Islam has circulated to the international community that, his organizations BRCT and BIHR mitt-up the legal fees of the cases which has been filed against me by the paramilitary force RAB and the political opportunist group. But it was totally false story. Truth is absolutely the opposite. They never gave me any legal assistance. The series political motivated cases against me were going on at Rajshahi. I gave all types of documents to the hand of Mr. Rubel, to fight legally against the cases in the Supreme Court. Mr. Rubel is also a leader of BRCT and a lawyer of that court. But he was retained my court papers and delayed for long time. He was delaying by and saying that, we will file today, tomorrow…etc! Finally, he didn’t file it. My fearing and anxiousness was increasing. In that situation, suddenly I met with Advocate Sushanta of Rajshahi. He told me about a lawyer who practicing in the high court of Dhaka. That lawyer’s house is at Naogaon (a district). Mr. Zahid has taken 6000 (BDT) Taka from me to file writ petition in favor of my cases. But he also showed attitude as like Mr. Rubel. After two weeks he returned 3000 taka. Then, I went to a women lawyer who is also famous as human right activist. She didn’t help me, finally. She also disappointed me. Though, she is deliberating her speech on human rights issues in Europe-America. This is the lawyers of Bangladesh! There are many sympathetic lawyers like Mohammad Hossain and Syed Mamun Mahbub. But this can’t be an example. They are the exception.
Whole over the country, various misdemeanors were running by the BNP-Jammat cadres. After the election of 2001 it was increasing. Rape, killing, minority and indigenous persecution are added with their list of misdemeanor. Being a professional journalist, I had tried to disclose the truth in front of the people. Mr. Akram Hossen Chowdhury, founder of BRCT/BIHR was fascinated by my reporting. Now he is a member of parliament. In 2002, he proposed me to work with BRCT. He promised to me that, 5,000 (BDT) taka per month will be given as remuneration and a place for residence. I took his offer. I was bachelor at that time. I had to take responsibility for regional coordinator of BRCT. According to this condition, a contract paper had been made where I and on behave of BRCT, Dr. Khalilur Rahman (Chairman of BRCT) was signed. Still it is in my hand.
BRCT has been working against state torture. I always find a similarity between journalism and human rights. So I had tried to work exactly on my duty. During that time, most painful event of my life was occurred. The government was arrested, tortured and detained me for 28 days. I was freed from the prison by the efforts of national and international human rights and journalist’s organization. And of course, I was innocent with the charges. All cases against me was fabricated and politically motivated. But I was not being released from the conspiracy and harassment.
So, I ran away from Rajshahi to the capital city Dhaka. I admitted to the hospital run by BRCT there. Just after admitting there BRCT has given me a reception as I am a persecuted journalist and human right defender. Many human rights defenders from various countries of the world including Denmark were present there. Justice K M Sobhan, Prof. Taslima of Dhaka University, BRCT chief Akram Chowdhury and his wife Mahfuza Akram Chowdhury also were present in the reception meeting.
BRCT and BIHR mainly are like hat or tail of a coin. Akram Chowdhury is the founder of both of the organizations. “Human rights fact-finder” is the monthly publication of BRCT. “If you would be able to help then this publication could be republished” said Akram Chowdhury. He proposed me to take the responsibility as an executive editor of it. Its publication was stopped for long time. But why, I didn’t know. According to his proposal/offer, he gave me a place to sleep and arranged the daily food for me with other officials of BRCT. He also promised to give me 15000 taka (BDT.) as salary or remuneration for each issue of human right fact finder. However, this proposal and the pledge were not written in any form. I will work day and night running for the wheel on the monthly publication. To make a report, feature, editing, writing even to see the proof everything alone I did. I was also writing the editorial. I was needed my family (wife and children). I was published five issues of the monthly publication human right fact finder. BRCT gave me 21,100 taka (BDT) in different times. Still, 53,300 taka is due from BRCT. However, I don’t claim or demand the due money. It is only a big pain inside of my heart. Being a chief of a human right organization how could be possible to make a false allegation against a persecuted journalist! How they could insult or dishonored me?
The political motivated and false cases against me were going on in the court of Rajshahi which was filed by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and the Mayor of Rajshahi, AHM Khairuzzaman Liton. Meanwhile, the Chairman of BRCT, Dr. Khalilur Rahman has filed another false complaint against me in the CMM court of Rajshahi. The complaint told, “I didn’t paying the rent (for residence in Rajshahi) from few years, on the other side I didn’t vacant the room”. But, Dr. Khalil had never told me to vacant the room. It is good to say that, Dr. Khalil is the uncle of Akram’s wife. I had take life risk to work for BRCT. But the Chairman of that organization made a false allegation against me and to file a complaint in the court. It was laughter! However, I supplied the contract paper to the court which signed by me and Dr. Khalil. Then, the event was clear with the court that how big false allegation was made by Dr. Khalil against me! Finally, my wife and son have left the room. This is the attitude of the leaders of human rights in Bangladesh!
My pain is only for that how they could insult me? The end is not here. My important documents have been stolen from the secured BRCT office. Among the most important of which is “Militancy and terrorism” on the text of the original Manuscript of my book. Not only that but also a Mobil set of mine has lost from the same place. It was not a normal event. It was well motivated. I informed about this stealing to Mr. Akram, his wife Mahfuza Akram and Mr. Shahnur Islam as well as to other officials of BRCT/BIHR. Who did it and why was clear to all of them. But nothing has done against the dacoit who is closed with Mahfuza Akram. Though result was opposite after giving a complaint against him. Suspicious stealer was given me threatened to death. So life is big or documents? It was very normal to defeat by documents as life is dearest.

Still, I didn’t get my documents. That it was not only lost my documents but also an expensive Mobil set of a foreign guest has been lost from BRCT office. Later it was found that I didn’t hear.
The false, fabricated political motivated cases were running in the court of Rajshahi against me which was filed by the combined initiative of RAB, Mayor Liton and DGFI. Meanwhile, chairman of BRCT has filed another motivated complaint against me. Dr. Khalil is a father in law of Mr. Akram. BRCT Chairman Khalil is the uncle of Mahfuza Akram. I sent the contract document to the court which made by both of us (me and Dr. Khalil). Then, it was clear to the court that the complaint is totally false against me. After that, my wife and child son were vacant the room. These are the act of the human rights leaders of Bangladesh!
The abnormal-unexpected two years of emergency situations was end through the election of 29 December of 2008. Grand Alliance, led by the Awami League in January of 2009 has taken the power of the state. An elected government is in power. The human right leader, brother Akram (Akram Chowdhury), is one of the Member of Parliament. Hope is blowing up in my mind. Maybe the black cloud would be cut! This hope is increasing. But not, the black shadow of conspiracy was covering to me and my family. Are Mayor Liton, Akram Chowdhury and RAB mixed up together with same cotton? This is Bangladesh!
BRCT has got comprehensive publicity in various news media, after I joined with BRCT. I managed to setup the treatment clinic and meeting for torture victims on behave of BRCT. I was also organized the treatment clinic of the victims of Kansat. On 26 June of 2006, a meeting of torture victim was held at Engineers Institution Auditorium, Dhaka. Former opposition leader and current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was present there as chief guest. I was also organized the torture victims and brought to Dhaka from the different part of Rajshahi region. I worked day-night to organize it by riding on motorbike at the inaccessible Atrai, Raninagar, Bagmara, Naldanga area. I left my wife and child alone. In spite of I was going to door to door of the torture victim. From BRCT, in exchange I got a false calumny and ignominy of the darkness. But I do not have any anger or sorrow. Yet I am grateful to them! I had got shelter, medical care from them after come out of darkness of prison. Whether or not, it is their responsibility-duty of fund or project. Many more bodies were there! Whether which cause or how and what purpose they were standup besides me! I can not deny it. When had to be stopped the trouble upon from the stressed journalist and human rights defenders then cumulus cloud cover was closed there was only gloom and the light of my hope.
Another human right organization called “Odhiker”. This organization is the supporter of right political wing. It was my idea; they work for human rights as universally. Is any particular person or political opinion may be based on the human rights movement? I never imagined it. But my mistake has broken on the basis of the activity of ‘Odhiker’. I went to the Odhiker office in Dhaka with my friend William. We talked with Mr. Elan and Mr. Korban of Odhiker. Our request was, “please investigate the allegation against me and publish the finding report”. They told me that I must apply for it to Odhiker. I did it. After then, two and a half year is going on. They still did not accept my application to any enterprise. I was contacted to them by phone, when I was in Bangladesh. From the office of Odhiker informed me that my matter is under trial. So they can’t do anything. Though, later Odhiker had start crucial fight in favor of an acting editor of the daily newspaper “Amardesh”. It was also the judicial matter, in the same way. However the reason is not other, but it is for political reason? Amardesh acting editor Mahmudur Rahman has the same political ideology same as like as Odhiker’s ideology. As a result, they published several reports on the issue of Mahmudur Rahman! Though, the matter was under trial.
I have another inhuman experienced on the field of human rights. It is very unfortunate. A lawyer of the High Court of Bangladesh is receiving monthly remuneration from a foreign organization. He also takes money from the victim in the name of transport costs, when he visits the spot. The same complaint can be found against another human right activist who is now living in exile in an Asian country. A women human right leader based on Dhaka who receiving regular foreign fund from an organization of Germany. Her activity is centered to collect the newspaper clipping of human rights violations and to publish a bulletin. Nothing has done more by her.
A newsmen from Rajshahi, who made conspiracy against me with the collaboration of Mayor, RAB, DGFI and a cultural activist based on Rajshahi. Now he is working in an oldest Bengali newspaper in Dhaka as a staff reporter. His wife is a member of a women organization. This husband and wife were involved with the immoral activity. They collected bribe from the victim of rape and rapists with the help of a forensic medical doctor of Rajshahi medical college. They (distorted mentality) have done this inhuman-illegal business by the medical reports of incidents of rape scandal. Behind the protection of human rights, hundreds-thousands story like above are in Bangladesh.
On 19 January of 2003, a news story was published in the daily Sangbad which was wrote by me. The headline of the report was “Extortioning in the name of journalism”. Misfortune is that when this report was published by whose hand as the news editor now he is an acting editor. Now he has given an appointment to that extortionist journalist. That controversial person was tried to influence other journalists and social activists against me. But he failed. Finally, the truth had been won. The report was not false. Senior journalist Shah Anisur Rahman (late), General Secretary of the Rajshahi Press Club, Saidur Rahman and central leader of Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB), Anamul Haque were as eye witnesses. That extortionist so-called journalist and his friend so-called cultural personality named “P” who is the informer of RAB and DGFI. Both of them were also provided false information to the RAB and DGFI against me during the emergency period in Bangladesh. Same complaint has been sent to the United Nations by the government of Bangladesh against me. Though, I have given an open challenge to the Bangladesh government. But they couldn’t show their moral honest courage to accept it. When the conspiracy was making against me in 2003 after published the extortion news then Bazlur Rahman was the editor of the daily Sangbad. I called him as “Bazlu Bhai” (Brother). He is no more with us. My hope and believe that his soul is sleeping in peace. He was himself an institution of the journalism and secular movement of Bangladesh. Not only was that he also an extraordinary intellectual personality of the field of economics and politics. When the conspiracy was making against me regarding that report on extortion, one day I went to Dhaka at the Sangbad office. I met with Bazlu bhai. He told me, “You are fighting against the enemy of the people. It is not a simple matter in our society. Don’t be worry. Finally you would be won.” And later his word was also established as true.
However, need to talk about another matter. That is jealous is very common in the mind of the so-called educated people of Asia. Especially, jealous is more active in Bangladesh. This jealous is work both personal and political interest. As a result, one person doesn’t want the betterment of another person. When someone is going forward then opportunist group try to stop him by making conspiracy. A Bangalee/Bangladeshi journalist has applied for political asylum in a Scandinavian country. He wanted an article from me on my persecution history. I sent him it after many struggle. For a long time he was not informed me about my write-up. Then I was communicated with him. He replied me that it hasn’t published. Why, he didn’t notice me the cause. Though, I understood the cause of behind. He is a good friend of the son of the present Prime Minister of Bangladesh. I disclosed in my article about the nomination business of a powerful political party of Bangladesh and also the name of the perpetrators on my horrible persecution. His political fascination is with this party. That is why; my article has not been printed. That person also worked with a reputable human rights organization based in New York from Bangladesh. Another person was worked with a reputable human rights organization in Bangladesh for long time. When he was in troubled hadn’t got any help from that organization. Now he is in Europe is living in political asylum. This is the situation of our media and human rights field!
The executive chief of a NGO based on Rajshahi is also the public relations officer of an autonomous institution. That organization is getting millions fund from USA-EU. Now they are arranging training on human rights issues by the foreign fund. But, when a media man is under threats then they turned their eyes from the situation. The whole country is lay down by the weight of these type of organizations which are always involve with their own, family, group and political purposes. The Millions fund are going into the water in the name of human rights or free media or to reduce the poverty by making microcredit business in Bangladesh. The people who are entitled to get the service are deprived. But the country’s starving the poor man’s fortune does not change. The only change in the status of the organizations big personalities like director or executive director. They are making a big luxurious home, cars, salaries and other facilities for their own or for family by the foreign funds. Just like as “Zero to Hero”. The directors are visiting the foreign countries.
If only 60 percent of foreign funds would be used properly then we could be able to see the real changes of our country. Truly, the country could cover with Golden or by Diamond! Poverty could be flown from Bangladesh. Though, our Nobelist Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yunus told that one day the poverty would see at the Museum. The reality is that the microcredit business couldn’t reduce poverty but it could be able to confine our poorest women by the net of more microcredit. Yes, we feel proud that for Dr. Yunus. Because he has got the Nobel Prize! But how the microcredit is functioning in Bangladesh, should be a big issue or matter to observe by the non interest eyes. It is better to say here that Dr. Yunus is receiving unthinkable high interest from our poorest women those who have no education.
I would like to write something about another matter. It is about the responsibility of the leaders of journalists. If my memory does not betray me, then it is likely that in the month of June of 2008. I have been victimized with a series of politically motivated cases. I was a leader of the journalist community from the northern part of Bangladesh, Rajshahi. The apex body of journalists is Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ). I also was an executive member of this body as the Secretary General of Rajshahi Union of Journalists (RUJ). BFUJ has made a decision to demand for withdraw the cases against me to the Government in a general meeting held at the National Press Club in Dhaka. The prominent journalist Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury, President of BFUJ, former President of BFUJ and renowned journalist Monjurul Ahsan Bulbul, Secretary General of BFUJ Abdul Jalil Bhuiyan and many other journalists leaders were also present that meeting. But, dear Jalil Bhuiyan didn’t serve the joint statement and decision of BFUJ. Again I have my doubts about his attitude. Still think, perhaps there was an understanding between RAB, Mayor Liton and my dear courageous journalist leader Jalil. Otherwise, why would he silence? There are many positive instance of my life. Another journalist’s outgoing Secretary General of BFUJ, Altaf Mahmud is one of the most popular of the journalist’s leaders in Bangladesh. He is known as a true friend of the journalists. He has never taken any opportunity from the Government. I also try to contact with him from abroad. However, I acknowledge that I am grateful to Iqbal Sobhan, Monjurul Ahsan Bulbul, Altaf Mahmud. I believe the truth is never dangerous. But, the truth to be hold is rear, very difficult to keep and bear the truth. I think, do not have this ability for all. However, if it would have then selfishness, war, conflict, jealous nothing would be more in this world. Nevertheless, I’ll say that we should be practice the truth in all aspects in our lives. We swear this is what our community strong and Promises. Whether or not true is become a cruel or painful. There are also many people who makes story only for to come to Europe or America. After came to the developed countries they are making false and fake documents and applied for political asylum. Students are among them many. Sometimes we hear this type of complaint. It is unfortunate and we can’t ignore it.
Recently, I talked over phone with a friend of mine who is working in Dhaka. Before the conclusion this article I would like to share to all of you of our conversation. He told, “You (I) are a not supporter of the political ideology of ‘Odhiker’. So, they did nothing for you. And it is normal!” That friend of mine further said, “Presently, a journalist is working with a government-owned powerful media in Germany who worked in favor of the Islamic militancy from Bangladesh. On the other side, you made/did historical report against militancy by taking life-risk for the same media from northern part of Bangladesh. Nevertheless, they didn’t give you any job. This is the media policy of globalization age.” ‘I just said in response to him that I don’t have any sorrow. I never did journalism for getting something. Of course, I did my journalism for the purpose of personal, social and professional responsibility. I know that I am a defeated soldier of the media policy and politics of globalization.
We can see the fund and project based many human rights works in today’s unbalanced world. The combined financial efforts of these two components are coming from the humanistic general people. Many questions including accountability, transparency and democratic practice are comes to organized these initiative for the welfare of the persecuted, stressed and starving people inside of the enterprise. In which exception we observed many ways. Moreover, many organizations are working with good motive to establish the peace and human rights from country to country. It is also true. Otherwise, small news-maker like me would be killed at the hands of injustice. Many thousands lives of Akash have saved by the efforts of non governments organizations. Hope of the people’s (survivors) are alive only for that. I don’t know, what there is to establish the peace and human rights
The practice and establishing of peace and human rights except love, benevolence, tolerance is what we know there is no option to increase the range. Is possible to establish the peace and human rights by promoting discrimination, falsehood, and discriminatory behavior, use of arms, political and economic selfishness, or poverty in the society, nation and world? It is a big question.
I forgot that today (11 July) is an important and special day. The day is the world population day. I want to make my conclusion to encircle upon this day. I think that the food crisis and population abundance of these two important issues are involved with human rights violation. The population and consumption of food and energy are continuously increasing in this world. On the other hand, energy, land and production are reducing. So global economy is under pressure as well as love, harmony, tolerance, believe are breaking day by day. The practice of “Might is right” theory is increasing. World Population Day is celebrated the world since 1987. The world population is now about 7000 Millions. The population is increasing like the wave of river. Bangladesh is one of the highest populate country in the world and its population growth is so high.
Though, the population and dwelling-factory are increasing but the land is reducing in this world. Not only that but also the land is being gradually reduced of the earth. More than hundred 1000 Millions people are hungry across the world today. The world of food, lack of resources to make sure that there is no cost to me. However, the balanced distribution of food and resources are not in the earth. It is clear. Some people are getting food and some people are getting to die without food in the same world. Some of the rich countries of the world are not headache to protecting the environment and keep up food security for all, as they are willing to fight, war, conflict, aggression, bombing and of conspiring to attack! Therefore, for the protection of human rights to increase food security and protect the environment from climate change and to reduce population abundance whether any alternative, so I do not know? However, the experts are only being able to say of it.
In this question, my favorite motherland Bangladesh is what and how active or prepared. Where there is regular lifting the rights of people by the state, where there is a nasty appearance of the civil society there is any expected to continue with the cleaning of the society is only neurosis, nothing else! In spite of, we are optimists. Is people could be able to live without any hoped?
Writer: Jahangir Alam Akash, Editor of Euro Bangla (Peace & human rights) (http://www.eurobangla.org/),(http://penakash.wordpress.com/), (editor.eurobangla@yahoo.de)


URGENT APPEAL: Bangladesh: Cyber attack against Bangladeshi human rights defender Jahangir Alam Akash [UA-BA-02-03-2011]
ISSUES: Right to personal property, right to intellectual property, right to privacy, safety of human rights defenders
Dear Friends, GHRD regrets to inform you about the cyber attack against Jahangir Alam Akash, Bangladeshi Journalist and Editor of Euro Bangla. The email account of Jahangir Alam Akash has been hacked by unknown perpetrators, who are also sending out false messages in his name asking all his national and international contacts for money.

The cyber attack took place on the 2nd March, 2011, two days after his publication of the article “Open challenge to Bangladesh government” http://www.eurobangla.org/?p=1673. The article discusses his torture at the hands of Bangladeshi government authorities and the publication of his new book Pain, which deals with issues of human rights, the rule of law, torture and extra-judicial killings and the persecution of minorities in Bangladesh.

The false message claims that Akash is in the UK on a programme, where he lost his wallet, money and cell phone, and that he requires 1,250 GBP in order to pay his hotel bill and leave the country. The message further states: “I’ve been to the embassy and Police, but they are not responding to the matter effectively, I will appreciate whatever you can afford to assist me with, I will return the money back to you as soon as i return, let me know if you can be of any help? ASAP. I don’t have a phone where I can be reached. I am so confused right now.”

Jahangir Alam Akash has been an outspoken human rights activist, disclosing the human rights violations perpetrated by the RAB in Bangladesh for which he was brutally tortured in 2007. He has lived in exile in fear of retaliation ever since. However, Akash has never been in the United Kingdom in his entire life.

It is particularily worrying that the perpetrators have obtained sensitive and private information about Mr Akash and his whereabouts.

The motivation behind the attack may be to extract sensitive information as well as to undermine his reputation.


The hackers are currently controlling his account: jaa.akash@yahoo.de and in addition they created a new email account: jaa.akashl@yahoo.de from which they are sending the messages. All communications to these email addresses are discouraged.
Jahangir Alam Akash can be reached at : editor.eurobangla@yahoo.de
FOR MORE INFORMATION GO TO EUROBANGLA: http://www.eurobangla.org/?p=1673
Circulate this announcement to your networks in order to avoid any damage due to this false message!
Thank you.
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By Jahangir Alam Akash: How I was came back from the extra judicial killing? How I was tolerate the brutality of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in an army torture camp? How I was hang there for 15 hours with blind folded  by a towel and a black mask? What was my fault? Why and what did RAB with me? Many other questions regarding the human rights, rule of law, judiciary, politics and the journalism of Bangladesh; you can find in my article which I would like to write now for the readers and national-international community. Dear valuable readers, you can find the real Bangladesh including my torture history, other human rights violations, extra judicial killings, politics and the minority persecutions in Bangladesh in my book “PAIN” which has published from USA. Here is the Amazon link of Pain: http://www.amazon.com/Pain-Jahangir-Alam-Akash/dp/1456858025
As a professional journalist, writer and human rights defender, I am a helpless victim of the conspiracies and revenges of RAB, state, corrupt politicians and the persons related them jointly. The State, terrorists, miscreants-clique, violators of human rights, army executives are all under the same roof! Why and on what grounds I became their praise of barbarous tortures, conspiracies from all sides and through whom, if these could be properly researched, a clear picture of breaking democracy, administrative, executive and legislative systems of Bangladesh, violation of human rights, state-tortures, corruptions, free from punishments and criminalization’s could be obtained.
On the 11 June 2007, Mr. Mijanur Rahman Minu, the then Mayor of Rajshahi, Organizing Secretary of Central BNP was arrested on the charges of forceful contribution-collection. Through trial, 11 leaders of BNP including Mr. Minu were sentenced to 13 years of imprisonments. But later on from the higher court, all the accused with Mr. Minu were released as not guilty. At least from this trial and from another against Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina accused on the charges of 3 hundred millions of forceful Contribution-collection, the people of the country were sure that on political reasons, the army-controlled interim government did forge and impose the cases. The plaintiffs were forced to file cases against the top political leaders. The plaintiff of Prime Minster Sheikh Hasina, explained the backgrounds of the filing of the case in a press conference. Although MP and the influential Minister under Sheikh Hasina, Sheikh Selim gave statement under section 164 and accepted the charges. People of the country do not know yet how this confession of Sheikh Selim did come out. Was it volunteerilily or under any pressure?
As per constitution, country belongs to the people. After nine months of bloody liberation war, with the sacrifices of 3 millions of martyrs, in exchange of rapes to the 2 hundred thousands of mothers and sisters, on the 16 December 1971, Bangladesh came into being in the world map. The main aims of this great struggle were to achieve partiality, exploitation, deprivation, torture-free golden Bangladesh. After the independence, the father of the nation, Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman tried his best to re-build this war-devastated country by strengthening is economy, creating the infra-structure of the state and to redress the total administrative system. He took several plans in this regard so that the Bengali nation and Bangladesh could proceed forward. In this time the defeated enemies of 1971, the independence-opposing murderers-clique, national and international conspirators with the help of imperialistic powers killed Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with almost all of his family-members. Perhaps in the history of the world there is no such human rights violation and persecution ever held. Actually after this event, attempts were made to reverse the course of the history. The old Pakistani ideologies were tried to bring back in Bangladesh.
As I have reported against the violation of human rights, about the corruptions and terrors as a professional journalist and human rights-worker, I became the victim of tortures by a special armed force of the state. Against me three forged cases of forcefully contribution-collection were filed. Not only I was physically tortured, I and my family were harassed mentally. I was persecuted in front of my son (then 4 months old, now about 3 years and eight months) and wife. My eyes were tied with a towel, head was covered by a dark cap and I was kept in the darkness for 15 hours at a stretch. I was hanged from the ceiling of a room and tortured brutally. But what was my fault? Media is called the 4th pillar of the state. It is quite obvious that media will always tell the truth. But what we have seen? The so called protectors of law and order arrested me from my house. But it was reported in the media, I was arrested at the late of night from the Shahebbazar Area of Rajshahi Metropolitan city on the charges of doubtful movements! While a terrorist is arrested, big reports were published, my arrest as a professional journalist and as a victim of tortures was tactfully avoided by the media (except one or two Newspapers). So the questions: is our media free, Independent? Or determined to publish the truth? Except the Weekly Media watch of daily Amader Somoy, no other media of the country did publish research-reports on my arrest and tortures.
On the 2nd October 2007, the first forged case against me on the complaint of contribution-collection was filed in the Boalia Model police station of Rajshahi. On the 16th October, I got the advance interim bail from the High Court. To obtain proper and neutral enquiries about the complaint against me in this case, on the 22nd October 2007, I applied to the Chief Advisor of the interim Government, Home-Secretary and Army Chief separately. But after one day, on the 23rd October night, I was again arrested by RAB-members from my house. Only 4 and half hours before the arrest, a new case on the charges of Contribution-collection against me was filed in Puthia police station. The plaintiff of the case was himself the first accused of a case where he has been charged with the complaint that he has killed planfully the complainant of this rape case! During arrest, I was molested before my child son. My son is still suffering from this trauma! Who is responsible for this?
Dear reader let us talk about the time of difficult and dark time. I am a journalist, deprived of the soil of mother land, water, air, nature and love. Every year majority of my countrymen fight against natural calamities, flood, drought, cyclone, winter and the change of weather. I always cry for my poor, hungry and hard working people of my country. Dear reader, fellow countrymen, I am talking from the distant abroad, Germany. I want to tell you today a story. No, it is no fiction. A true, hard and real episode of my own life. I am writing this with the hope that nobody in my country suffers like me!
‘Lubdhak’ is the name of a house. It is the no. 55 house of the Rajshahi satellite town in sector number.2. I, my wife, Farhana Sharmin, student of last year, Dept. of Folklore in Rajshahi University, my child-son Fiman Farhad, we three used to live in the left side of the ground floor. CSB has been closed. So the Beauro office of CSB News in Rajshahi (in Kadfirgonj) is not opened like before. I worked in this 24 hours news Chanel and could give no much time for my family and friends. As the CSB did not broadcast, I had no work to pass the time. I went off and on to Press club and stayed till late night.
But my wife had a standing order; I must come back by 10-00 p.m.!’ But many times I disobeyed it. When I made late to come back, after 10.00, she rang me in Mobile. She asked Fiman to talk over Mobile and I rushed back home.
On the 23 October 2007, I was in the Press club till 11. At least twice Farhana has reminded me by Telephone. Around 11-30, I came back home. Fiman was not sleeping till. We were playing with him. TV was on. We did not have dinner. We were trying both to bring the child in bed. At long last she slept. We took our meals and went to bed. Around 1-30 night, our calling bell rang with a big sound!
Bell was ringing endlessly. Our sleeps were broken. I with my wife came out in the Balcony. I had Fiman in my lap. I understood a group of armed people had surrounded the whole house. All had arms in their hands. I did not know them. But why? I thought as I had case against me, they came to arrest me. But I was bailed out in that case by the High Court. And why either Police or other law-enforcing people surrounded whole house to arrest a simple journalist like me? Am I a thief, robber or a convicted criminal?’ Police and other security personals had their dresses but they were in plain dresses. In plain dresses but they had all arms. Are they terrorists or robbers?’ They had come to plunder this house etc. thoughts rang in my mind.
In the meantime, the unknown persons have rung all the calling bells of the house. Not only were the people of this house, also the neighbors all awakened. This was a 3-storyed house and the owner Mr. Abul Kashem and his son, Likhon came down from that floor. 10/12 armed people in civil dress came to the door of the Balcony of the part of the house where we lived. They introduced them as administrative persons and told they would search my house. We should open the door. I and my wife asked about their identities. I asked, ‚until I am not sure of your real identity, I shall not open the door.’ They said, ‚open the door now, otherwise you will be in difficulty.’ I asked ‚what difficulty? Why you are disturbing, so late night in a civilian’s house?’ They rebuked me as terrorist and contribution-collector.
I phoned with my mobile in Boalia police station to know whether administrative persons or armed-robbers had raided my house. Duty officer said, ‚None from our police station has gone to your house. But who are they, belong to what force, we don’t know.’ In this time, one armed person inserted his hand through the grill of Balcony and snatched away my mobile. I thought clearly they were robbers. After some time, they told themselves to belong to the RAB’s.
I say, ‚but I cannot believe that you are RAB’s. And if you want to search my house, have you the search-warrant?’ I and my wife told this together. They became angry. Likhon, son of the owner of house wanted to know the identity of them. They started beating him. I thought if they were from RAB, why they were hitting the House-owner’s son? I appealed to them, ‚why you are flogging him? Please don’t do anything illegal. I am opening the door. You can search my house. But please don’t do any injustice to me. Please don’t deposit your arms in my house and then arrest me in the arms-charge! I gave Fiman to her mother. I opened the Balcony door. Just I have opened it; RAB’s dragged and pulled me out of the house. My two hands were hand cupped. My eyes were tied with towel. Not only that, my total head was covered with a black cap up to my neck. In front of my child, wife and house owner, RABS were flogging and kicking all over my body right and left. Armed forces in charge of law and order of a civilized country can behave so beast like and vulgarous; I faced the experience for the first time in my life!
RABS dragged me like a terrorist in a Microbus. In the Bus, 2 were in my front, 2 in my back and 2 each in my both sides hold me tightly. All were armed. One of them asked, ‚tell you the rogue, where we are taking you?’ I replied how I could know it. They said, we are RAB’s. Don’t you know where RAB takes the people?’ I asked whether I was taken to be killed in a cross-fire. They started slapping and boxing me. Microbus started. I could feel from the turnings and speed breakers that it was going on to the University. After crossing Binodpur gate by the University, there was one speed breaker. If then it turned to the right, I would be sure I was being taken to the RAB-5, Headquarters of Rajshahi RAB. On the way, I was beaten. They rebuked me in filthy language. They threatened me to accuse me with Arm-case and also of ‚crossfire.’ One in the car told me, ‚take the name of Allah, recite prayers from Quran. You would be killed in crossfire.’ I thought I had not done any wrong, committed no crime, I was not a killer. Why I was to be killed through crossfire. Was it possible? Then I felt Bangladesh is a country of all possibilities. Here to kill a person out of trial is nothing new. Shahriar Kabir and Muntasir Mamun like humanitarians are to face state-tortures here. But the murderer, war-criminal like Nizami roams on the streets with national flag in his car! While thinking so, once I was sure, I was brought to the RAB Headquarter No.5 in Rajshahi.
In the RAB Headquarters, my two hands were tied and then hanged from the ceiling of a room. Before, I was to walk up and down from this room to the stair house several times. At night, around me, 4/5 persons came with the sounds of their Boot-hills, stood a while and then again went back with the same sound. My eyes were tied, head was covered with black cap till neck and I was hanged whole of the night! In this way whole of the night, I was mentally tortured. Around 8 in the morning, my hands were made free and I was brought down. One very small thin bread with watery-cereal was given me to eat. I tried to feel from the size of the bread and water like cereal, whether with ex Vice Chancellor of Rajshahi University Mr. Saidur Rahman Khan, Abdus Sobhan and Malay Bhowmic, RAB had behaved same! All these 3 genious teachers were also arrested by RAB-5. I heard in the Rajshahi Central Jail how the ‚beasts’ had tortured these honorable teachers of the University. While I was hanging whole of the night, I felt that perhaps my two hands were separated from my body! With a towel my eyes were tied very tightly and then a black cap made of a thick cloth was put on my head. My breathings seemed to be stopped! I repeated requested to take out the cap but the ‚inhuman beasts’ did not pay any heed of. The cap I wore, this was the same cap which were only worn to the ‚death-sentenced- criminals’ while they were brought to the gallows. I took a little morsel from the thin bread and then drank water to satisfy thrusts. Then I was hanged again. While I was given food, the cap was not taken away. Till upper lip, it was drawn up. Always they have scolded me with vulgar words.
Around 10 a.m. in the morning two persons came to me and asked about my name. When they talked, I could know them. Before I was arrested, I met them several times on professional reasons. They were RAB-5 Crime Prevention Company (CPC)
RAB officer an Army Major (now Lt. Colonel) Rashidul Hasan Rashid and Second-in-command of RAB-5, Major Humayun Kabir. They were not in Rajshahi now. Major Rashid was sent to Ivory Coast as a member of UNO peace keeping Mission. Major Kabir was transferred to Bandorban, so I have heard. When on the so-called kidnap-allegation, Kamrul Islam alias Majnu, Workers Party leader was killed following the tortures of RAB on the last 18 May 2007, I then met Major Kabir. One week before the closing of CBS News, I talked with Major Rashid in his office on professional ground. One of my earlier known two officers, Major Rashidul Hasan started torturing me. At the outset, he asked, ‚you the son of a beggars, why you have so prestige? You son of a beach, contribution collector and terrorist. I fuck’ your journalism. You swine, you must not again report to the CBS News. Make no report on Lichubagan (Lichi Garden) , the story of Benjir’s wife, about the Waqf-Estate of AHM Khairuzzaman Liton (Awami League central executive committee member, Mayor of Rajshahi city Corporation, he is the nephew of Mr. Loton who is the plaintiff of my case). Bastard, you have seen RAB, but not yet experienced the actions!’ I thought why this RAB officer was taking the name of Liton, son of our national leader? Had he provoked to arrest and torture me? But I did no harm to Mr. Liton. As a journalist, I have made a report just to perform my professional duties. If because of this report, Mr. Liton was angry and dissatisfied with me, how he could be so much revengeful with me? Or this Major was using his name as to give him the full responsibility for my assaults? Later on, I came to know that honorable Mr. Mayor was one of the planers of the total conspiracy against me!
While being tortured, I asked Major Rashid, ‚you are an employee of the state. You are forgetting your duties and responsibilities. How you can behave so badly and uncivilized with a citizen? State and constitution have given you no right to torture anybody. One time, Major Rashid slapped in my left cheek and I bled through lips. After sometime, he gave electric shock in my left heap. I did not know that this was an electric shock. After I had gone to Rajshahi Central Jail, I could know it. While torturing Major Rashid hit in my left heap with a ball like substance very speedily and several times. This is electric shock. I felt that my whole body was burning! My total physical condition was deteriorating. It was about 10-30 in the morning. My hands were freed. I was placed in the electric chair. After half an hour, I was lied down on the floor of the torture chamber. Now both Majors Rashidul Hasan Rashid and Humayun Kabir together started molesting me. I was thinking, they were torturing me just out of their personal revenge. With batons both were trouncing me. At the same time they were kicking me with their boots with slaps and blows. Known as our national pride, two members of the Army persecuted me for a long one hour. They are no prides, rather symbols of shame and hatreds. With a thick and round baton, both have hit on the palms of my two feet. Both of them were very much delighted while torturing me. I lost my sense. When I got back my sense again, I found myself in a abandoned kitchen above the straw. Many insects were moving there. I was kept there like cattle, my hands, face and eyes tied up. About 1-30 afternoon, the two RAB-members asked me to stand up. But because of the tortures, I could not stand erect. Major Rahsid said, ‚brother-in-law is acting!’ and then pressed my feet with his boot. He said, ‚beating is not yet complete, Swine is acting. Son of a dog, stand erect and walk! Otherwise, I shall beat you again. Son of a bitch, you must be put to the crossfire!’ I said I was not acting. Really I could not stand and walk. But they wanted not to believe it. Major Rashid, ‚till you walk, I shall give you blows.’ I tried my best to stand and walk, but could not.
Major Rashid was kicking me in my feet and dragged me in a room. About 2-00 p.m., from my head the black cap and towel from the eye were removed. It seemed to me that as if I came out of the darkness of grave! I could again breathe normally. RAB members took my finger and palm prints from the both hands. A plate with my name was placed in my breast. I was photographed with a digital Camera. After Finger print and photo-taking, again my eyes and face were covered. Black cap was placed to my head. I was again brought to a Microbus. About 3-00 pm. I was in the Boalia Model police station. RAB wanted to show me as arrested on the contribution-collection case filed by Awami League leader, Loton and to send me in the court through the police station. But Police informed RAB that in this case, he was in bail. So he could not be taken into the custody now. While I was taken to the police station RAB members threatened me, ‚in the police station, you must walk normally. Otherwise, was hall bring you back again and put to the crossfire and kill you. When police asks, you must say I was not tortured.’ I thought I would not tell a lie, even if I was to die. But the face of my child son appeared in my mind. I became restless. I was crying. With the tears, a part of black cap was wet. As in the case filed by the Awami league leader, I was in bail given by the High Court, police refused to accept me. So from the police station, I was brought back to the RAB Headquarters. RAB members spoke that I was taken to the Baghmara police station and there I would be taken into the custody on an arm case. I also heard that in the Puthia police station also a case against me has been filed on contribution-collection charges. I might be taken there. At the end, around 5.00 p.m., RAB handed me over to the Boalia Model police station u/s 54. My eyes and face were freed.
After RAB has left the police station compound, I was brought to the police custody room. The room was filled up with burnt out cigarettes, spits, cough, banana peels and other garbage. A total unhygienic atmosphere with pungent smell! I felt to vomit! After sometime, SI of police station, Nuruzzaman came to me. He is he uncle of present Rajshahi Mayor Mr. Liton and the inquiry officer of the case filed by Awami League Leader Loton against me. I knew him. When I was a student of Rajshahi University and was a resident of Ziaur Rahman Hall, he was also student there. He was known as the cadre of Chatradal. He is also nephew of Mr. Shahin Shaukat, ex Rajshahi Chadradal leader. I could easily imagine how he could get a job by police. Anyway, he started rebuking me with filthy language. He said, ‚son of a bitch, you belong to the Awami murderers of Hasina League. When you were in the University, you wrote false reports on Chadradal and Shibir. Now I shall beat you in remand.’ Police of Boalia Model police station, sent me to the Chief court of Metro police Magistrate under the emergency Act 16(2) of 2007 in the evening of the 24 October 2007. SI Nuruzzaman took me to the court in his Pick-up with Siren. He wanted possibly to show (on the way from police station to the court) a ‚great convicted criminal, known terrorist’ to the whole people of Rajshahi city! There was no magistrate in the Court, when I was taken there. Within few moments, police took me in the van and I was brought in the Rajshahi Central Jail.
Jail authority admitted me in the Emergency of Rajshahi Central Jail Hospital at Surgical Ward-4. Next day, on the 25 October 2007, early in the morning, I was brought by 2 prisoners to the case table (Jail court). There whole of my body was inspected and although I told about the tortures, the senior Jail Superintendent of the Central Jail ordered to keep me in the normal ward. I was taken to the import-ward (first comers are brought there). After seeing me the prisoners of the import-ward requested the Jail-subeder to admit me in the Jail Hospital. He transferred me into the Hospital. Up to 3rd November, I was in the Hospital. But before I was totally cure; as I could not bribe the Hospital Surgeon, he cancelled my stay in the Hospital (Release letter from the Hospital as cured). I was then transferred to the No. 6 Civil Ward. I passed there the rest 28 days in the darkness of the Jail.
Following the report of Police, I was released on the 8th November from the charges u/s Emergency Act 16(2). But on that day I was presented as arrested on the second contribution-collection case (filed only before 4 hrs of the arrest). On the 18th November, 2007 I got the bail after a miss case was filed by the District and sessions Judge Court. On this respect from the last 24 October, 2007 to the 19th November 2007, I was imprisoned in the Rajshahi Central Jail and was released on the 19th November at 8-00 p.m. After few hours of being free, I was informed that I would be again arrested by RAB and this time I would be killed in crossfire. Confronting with such a threat and because of the anxiety and concern of the family members, I left them in panic and fled away from Rajshahi and came to Dhaka. I was admitted into the Bangladesh Rehabilitation centre for Trauma victims and obtained physical and mental treatment. After this unexpected event of my life, I wrote six books on state-tortures, religious militarism, Bomb and Grenade attack. They are, ‚15 hours in darkness’, ‚Murders extra judicial and revenge’, Militant Godfather and others’, From Udichi to Peelkhana’, “Struggle for Peace” and “Away from Home”. Recently, another book of me “Pain” has published from USA (http://www.amazon.com/Pain-Jahangir-Alam-Akash/dp/1456858025). Still now when I see RABs and Cars with RABs, I got panic. Each of my moment is restless! A threat to kill me is still there. Conspirator-influential cliques and militants are threatening me incessantly. Unbearable pains and the memories of sufferings still haunt me. I am, so to say, mentally, physically, economically, socially and culturally invalid now. Invariably the state is responsible for my condition. In the face of endless threats and panic, recently I was forced to leave my country.
See my ill-luck, only due to my journalistic activities, my searching reporting’s on state-tortures, religious militancy, corruptions and political terrorism, my father-in-law was not given nomination from Awami League in the last election of 29th December 2008. Not only was that, to prevent him to contest the election as an independent candidate, many tricks made to close the road. One millionaire was nominated. The grass root workers protested and he was given the nomination. But that was a show. It could be understood while ultimately he was not given the final nomination. But in the election of 1991 the elected Awami League MP, Advocate Tajul Islam Muhammad Faruque, President of Rajshahi District Awami League has been working with the ideals of the party and Bangabandhu, the father of the nation for the last 43 years. He, Mr. Tajul Islam Muhammad Faruque and Khulna District Awami League Leader Harun-ar-Rashid collected the proves of the forgeries in the much discussed Magura Bye-election and so became the victims of harassments of political cases. My father-in-law started first the movement against the Militants in Rajshahi. For this reason, he and his intimate friend Fozle Hossain Badshah, Polite-Beauro Member of the Workers Party and four journalists were threatened by so called ‚Bangla Bhai’ (militant leader) and his forces to be killed openly. In his long political career he got many lucrative offers but never left Awami League and joined another party. Although there are evidences that those who became‚ reformists’ unitedly with Ferdaus Ahmed Koreshi and DGFI got the nomination of Rajshahi Awami League!
It is reported that under the pressures of RAB, DGFI, Army and the honorable Mayor of Rajshahi, my father.-in-law was not nominated. We don’t know whether it is a fact. But if it is true, this is not at all good for the politics. This thing will be clearer in future, I believe.
The daughter of Bangabondhu, Sheikh Hasina has promised to the people to protect human rights. So we expect from this new government the end of murders extra judicial. People of the country also want the proper and neutral enquiries of the past murders without trials by RAB. Government must ensure the due punishments for the persons responsible. As normal citizens of the country, we demand to the daughter of Bangabondhu and the father of the nation, to establish the rule of law in the country immediately, to finish the trials of the war-criminals, re-trial of Jail-killings, make the judgments of Bangabondhu-murder case effective (though I don’t support death penalty) and to stop all sorts of killings-tortures along with murders extra judicial. People who are related to these crimes must be brought to the books through necessary actions.
The politics of Bangladesh is how much depending on black money, I want to talk about this. During emergency the filing of cases on the charges of ‚forceful-contribution-collection’ became the only arms for taking revenge! From this charge, even the prime minister of the country herself was not exempted. A similar case (Illegal and forceful collection of 3 hundred million of Taka as contribution) against the President of Awami League and present Prime Minister, daughter of Bangabondhu, Sheikh Hasina became a farce! Against the top politicians of the country, one after another such cases were filed. Including the prime minister of the country and other powerful politicians were only the victims of politically motivated forged cases (but few cases were true). Observing such cases, for the past disputes out of political, personal, land and property and other interests, a big festival of false ‚contribution-collection’ cases was started throughout the country just to redress the enmities and conflicts. As the cases are filed under the emergency Act, accused had no right to get bails!
Against me total 3 cases on so-called forced collection of contributions and one particular case on the Emergency Act u/s 16 (2) were made. They were purely on political motivations as I have reported on the Killings extra judiciary, militarism, corruption and above all due to my collecting news on research. Still now two contributions-cases are hanging against me! From the local Rajshahi Court No.2 to the higher court, I am to move about the cases and I am fed up! Because of the forged cases, I am physically, mentally, economically, familiarly and socially upset! On the other hand, hundreds of real contribution-hunters, terrorists, Godfathers of terror-corruption and militancy are still out of catch! Late prominent writer and educationist Dr. Humayun Azad said the truth, ‚everything now has been owned by the spoils!’
After the 11 January 2007, after the change of political scene, the interim government took the power which was actually a Military-regime in disguise. So the just gone interim government is commonly known as ‚army-controlled’. Emergency was proclaimed in the country. Within the emergency many operations of RAB-5 in Rajshahi raised many questions amongst the people. On the 2 May 2007, Benjir, once a top terrorist in Rajshahi was shot by RAB in his own house in the bedroom in front of his wife and child-daughter and he was sent to the court under arms case. In the same month on 16th, in the room of the then Director of Rajshahi Medical college Hospital, the hands and feet of Sahebul Islam, a prison-guard was broken by the beatings of RAB. After 2 days (18 May) in the Choto Bonogram of Rajshahi Metropolitan City Workers Party Ward-President, Kamrul Islam alias Majnu Sheikh was beaten to death by the RAB members. He was then guarding a Lichi-Garden and he was blamed with the so-called kidnap-drama. The people of Rajshahi became furious against the RAB because of this murder. Violating the Emergency Act, thousands of men and women came out in the Roads and indulged themselves in movements. Through the waves of angry people, Emergency Act drifted away. Police and RAB could not resist them.
Only in CSB News Chanel 24 hours, this peoples-movement was broadcast. It was a similar broadcast as following the events of 20th August in Dhaka University, students had started the movement and gradually it turned into a people’s revolution. So the anger of the people was displayed. And this was the black ominous sign of my life. After the closing of CBS News, it seemed that the administration had covered up their total revenge for the CSB with me! With the administration the political corrupted-interested-circles also played their roles. Before CSB News was closed because of its investigating Reporting’s, on the 20 June 2007 in Boalia model police station, the first class contractor Mahfuzul Alam Loton, new Awami leaguer and Vice President of present Metropolitan Awami League filed a case against me on the charges of so-called forceful contribution-collection. That complain was recorded by the police, GD No—1160, dated 20.06.2007. At the end of August of the same year, I could understand the meaning of the case. I have heard that higher police officers of Rajshahi did not want to accept the case as the complaint was a biff lie! But what police had obtained after the inquiry of this case, I don’t know that report. Later on the present Mayor of Rajshahi who has also the status of junior minister and his uncle Mahfuzul Alam Loton, as per plan, with the collaborations of some officers of RAB reactivated the GD-Entry in the Boalia police station on the 6th September, 2007, the day when CBS News was closed. Commander Lt. Col. Shamsuzzaman Khan, Major Rashidul Hasan Rashid and Major Humayun Kabir of RAB-5 Rajshahi have put pressure on police and they were bound to revive the case against me.
Before 23 October 2007 some co-incidences occurred with the case against me planned on harassments and my arrest, torture. On the 21 August 2007, in the campus of the Rajshahi University, a group of patriot teachers organized a ‚Silent-Procession’ to protest the events in the Dhaka University. University is an autonomous body. Free thoughts are practiced here. To protest the Dhaka-occurrence, a silent procession in Rajshahi was not a crime or illegal. On the 22 August following the Army tortures on the Dhaka university students while the teachers-students of Rajshahi University were peacefully protesting, the cadres of Chatrashibir and, a part of employees known as 544 planfully damaged, plundered widely and set fires in the campus. During the clash, Afzal Hossain the Rickshaw puller was killed by police firing. When the devastations were going on in the campus, a car of Rajshahi DGFI entered through the Kajla Gate of the University. The police requested the Assistant Director of DGFI in the car not to enter into the campus because of the agitated situation. But the officer did not pay any attention.
In the campus he met the Vice-Chancellor in his house and talked. When he was returning, students were coming to the VC’s house with the corpse of the killed Rickshaw puller from the opposite direction. After the DGFI car crossed the gate of house of VC, the motor was stopped. Aggrieved students set fire to the car.
In these circumstances of the University, DFGI alias Army scented a conspiracy. Secret agents discovered a big conspiracy of the teachers within the students-agitations and this was a plea to punish the progressive teachers! The ex elected Vice-Chancellor, Professor Saidur Rahman Khan, the then convener of University Progressive Party, Professor Abdus Sobhan and newline famous dramatist and leader of progressive teachers party, Malay Bhowmic were arrested from their quarters by the members of RAB-5. These talented teachers were taken that day by the black-dressed persons, binding their eyes, face and hands to the Army camp (RAB torture-centre). How the ordinary Lt. Col., Major and Captains misbehaved with the teachers, that can’t be expressed in language. Not only that, what bathe monster Pak Army could not do in those cruel days of 1971, RAB of an independent country has done! All their activities are against the constitution. Amongst the 3 arrested teachers, mostly Malay Bhowmic was inhumanly tortured by RAB members. Through their repeated baton-charges, all the bones of his both feet were broken. The gentle and polite Professor Saidur Rahman, popular and dear to all, was moved in an Electric Chair sitting. When he stood from the chair he vomited vigorously. Yet by the cruel RABs did not show any sympathy. They went on with tortures on the teachers. The sweet spoken Professor Abdus Sobhan was also mercilessly beaten. Irony of fate is that some of these beast-RAB members, whose pay, foods and dresses are from the peoples’ tax, were direct students of these teachers! Even in the Army, many higher officers were taught by them! After the University-incidence, eight more teachers were arrested and taken to the Jail. While the movements were going on, by order of the VC, the Public Relations Officer of the University, Mr. Sadekul Islam performed the responsible duty of recording the events through VIDEO. But he was also stamped as a conspirator. He was also arrested on the charges of setting fire to the DGFI car. He was imprisoned also. Two other teachers of the University of Geology and Mining, Choudhury Sarwar Jahan Shajal and Gholam Sabbir Topu were the witnesses of the murder-case of Professor Taher of the same department. It is assumed because of this; these two teachers were included in the car-burning case and were put to the jail. In all it seemed that the total arrests of the progressive teachers were to please the Jamat-Shibir Clique. In the Dhaka University the same drama was staged. Here the Professors Anowar Hossain, Harun-ar-Rashid, Sadrul Amin, Nimchandra Bhowmik were arrested and harassed. The ex general Secretary of Dhaka University Teachers Association, Mr. Anowar Hossain is the brother of patriot and brave col. Abu Taher.
The sensational Cases against the Rajshahi University teachers had begun. In the court, the curious people were crowded. While the trials are going on, I went there on my professional grounds. I took the notes on the statements of the witnesses and interrogations. Possibly because of this event, before I was arrested, another incidence took place in the Rajshahi Court. On the 26 September 2007, from the morning, I was taking notes on the statements and interrogations of the then Officer-in-Charge of Motihar police station, Khondokar Ferdaus Ahmed who has filed the much discussed case against the six teachers of the University on the charges of violating the Emergency Acts. In the court Mahbub Kanij Keya, teacher and General Secretary of Women’s Council, Rajshahi University, educationist Muhammad Naser, teacher of Philosophy Department and cultural personality S.M. Bakkar and some other teachers, students and some common spectators were present. Around 2-15 afternoon, police assaulted me openly during the process of the Rajshahi Metropolitan prompt-trial court for the law and order violators. When the court was adjourned, I was driven out and dragged outside by police. Immediately about the incidence, I submitted a written complain to the Metropolitan Magistrate (CMM) Mr. Afzal Hossain. The copies of the complain was sent to then Rajshahi DC, Md. Khalilur Rahman, Police Commissioner Muhammad Mahbub Mohsin and to the President, General Secretary of Rajshahi Bar Council.
Because of the Rajshahi University events, I went everyday to the court after DGFI officer Shaukat Ali and Motihar police station O/C Khandokar Ferdaus Ahmed filed the charges and till the witnesses are heard, interrogations are made connecting with the case, I remained within the court. On the 26th September 2007, I went to the Prompt-trial Court for the law and order violators of Metropolitan Magistrate S.M. Fazlul Karim Choudhury. From the morning, plaintiff O/C Ferdaus was interrogated. Magistrate made 20 minutes recess at 2-00 p.m. I was sitting in the court. CSI Kamaluddin and 4/5 polices came to me and asked me to get out of the court. I politely showed my journalist-identity card. But they pulled me by force out of the court. (Source: daily Bhorer Kagoj, 27 September, 2007, ‚ Journalist is molested in Rajshahi Court’).
On the 2 October, 2007, the forceful collection of contribution complain against me by Loton was recorded in the Boalia Model police station. On the assault of police to me by the police in the court, on the same day in reply to my written complain Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Mr. Afzal HHossain issued me a Notice: Memo No. – CMM/Raj/Go/1-1/97-1109, dated 02-10-2007. It is said in the Notice, ‚the hearing of the event as described in your complain (expulsion from the court of S. M. Fazlul Karim Choudhury by police on the 26 September) would take place on the 4 October 2007 at 9-30 a.m. in the chamber of CMM. You would present with your witnesses.’
Accordingly on the 4 October 2007 I went to the court of CMM with in time Dr. Md. Naser, teacher of Statistics, Mahbuba Kanij Keya, teacher of psychology and some other eyewitnesses. After we reached court, I was informed that against me a case of contribution-collection had been filed in Boalia police station and police will arrest me here in the CMM court. Under the circumstances, I applied to the CMM to adjourn my hearing and left the court quickly. I came to Dhaka on the same day. I wanted to take bail from the Dhaka High Court on the contribution-collection case. But Supreme Court had then vacation. I went to Mr. Syed Mamun Mahbub, ex Students Union leader of Rajshahi University and my respected elder brother. I called him per Telefone. He asked me to come to his house. I went and gave him all the case-documents. He took the matter seriously and submitted a bail petition (Case No.-14454/2007) to the vacation bench (Criminal Misc. Cases) of the High Court. In the High Court vacation-bench (Justice A. F.M.Rahman) the hearing was held on the 16 October 2007. After the hearing Justice A F M Rahman granted me an interim bail.
But he told openly,’ where is he evidence that he (meaning me) did not collect contribution illegally? Do journalists this crime not? Because of their arbitrary reporting’s the country is facing a helpless condition.’ I was ashamed of when Hon. Justice commented. I was also very much angry. I did not collect contributions forcefully, why he had told this? I uttered silently, ‚Ho. Justice, how you can believe that I am no illegal-collector, the complaint against me is total false, forged. But maybe he is right, but can we accept his comments in general? It is a fact, many of the journalists today cannot swear that they are clean, man of principles and worshipers of truth!’
The proficient son of Rajshahi, Mayor A. H. M. Khairuzzaman Liton asked respected Mr. Syed Mamun Mahbub why he had applied for my bail; ‚He (meaning me) does not belong to us. Why you have arranged his bail?’ Very shameful, painful and pitiful are this conversation! A people’s represntative, son of a national leader, why he is so meanminded? I am very much sorry to think about. Hatreds occur to me. Although High Court has granted me bail, yet RAB arrested me illegally. The night when I was arrested, on the day, there was a meeting in the circuit house in Rajshai. The agenda was to exchange of opinions on making the judiciary total separate. I went there as a journalist. Speakers said that to ensure justice amongst the people is the cherished goal of the separation of judiciary. Attempts must be taken so that no hindrance is created to this process. If there is any obstacle already, that must be immediately removed. Judiciary is the last resort of the people. Separation will bring a new era for the judiciary. They said, this initiative will enrich the country and bring welfare for the people. We are living in such a society now, where man to man, family to family there exists a complex situation. Under the circumstances, government must take the historic step and along with it, we must help to fulfill this duty. On the 23 October 2007 evening in the exchange of opinions meeting, the highly powered Observation Committee set by the Hon. Chief Justice (now former) for making the separation of judiciary member, M. M. Ruhul Amin Mirza, Justice Bangladesh Supreme Court, Mirza Hossain Haider, M. Kamrul Islam Siddiqui, Secretary Law-justice and parliamentary affairs, Kazi Habibul Awal, Registrar Bangladesh Supreme Court M. Ikdetar Ahmed, Jt. Secretary Law-justice and parliamentary affairs, M. Anowarul Hoq, Additional Registrar, High Court Division of Bangladesh Supreme Court, Farid Ahmed Shibly were present. Others who took part in the discussion, they are: Rajshahi District and session Judge, A. R. Masud, the then additional Commissioner, Rajshahi Division, M. Hafizuddin, District Commissioner, Rajshahi, Md. Khalilur Rahman, Police Commissioner Rajshahi, Md. Mahbub Mohsin, Police Superintendent, Rajshahi, Didar Ahmed, President Rajshahi Bar Association, Mojibur Rahman Talukdar, General Secretary, Najmus Sadat, PP Ekramul Hoq, GP Moyenuddin Ahmed, Supervising Engineer of Public Buildings, Sultan Ahmed and others. District Judgeship Judge Jahangir Alam Mollah, Sirajul Islam, M. Rezaul Islam, Metropolitan Magistrate S.M. Fazlul Karim Choudhury were also present. Speakers said, since long time the demand for the separation of judiciary is there. This demand belongs to all in the society. As the demand is fulfilled, everybody is happy. With this historic decision, people who have been facing political and administrative misbehaviors till now would be free. We express our gratitude’s to the government. Government must ensure now so that poor-helpless people get justice and honest trials. All are to work together. Amongst the judiciary, law and order and administration must prevail now a situation of harmony and tolerance. There might be many meetings, seminars or researches in future on the materialization of peoples dream and expectations through the separation of judiciary. Just to arrest me on the night of 23 October, around 8-45 a.m., another forged contribution-collection case was filed against me in Puthia police station. This illegal contribution-collection was held during the BNP-Jamat government, so was mentioned in the case. Plaintiff of the case was Abdul Jalil, himself a dedicated member of BNP, said in the complaint that he had no courage to file this case during the reign of political government! This Abdul Jalil was he chief accused of the murder case of Abdul Halim, worker of Awam League. Abdul Halim was the plaintiff of a sensational rape case. Attempts were made that he withdrew the case but as he denied, he was planfully killed. After the complaint of Abdul Jalil was recorded in the police station, I was arrested after 4 hours from my house in the satellite town.
In the case lodged by Awwami League Leader Mahfuzul Alam Loton, (Boalia police station Case No.-2, dated 2/10/2007, the time of recording was 12-05 midnight, u/s 385/386 penal code, MGR No.- 843/2007, Session No.- 672/2007), I got the interim bail on the16 October 2007 from the High Court. Within next 28 days the charge sheet of this case was submitted to the court (CS No. – 398, dated 30/10/2007). Enquiry officer was SI Nuruzzaman. I was released from the Rajshahi Central Jail on the 19 November 2009 on bail. RAB threatened me then to kill me in crossfire. So I rushed to Dhaka gain. I was admitted there in BRTC for treatment. But on the 29 November, 2007, I was attacked with pox. 22. November, 2007, a prayer for time was submitted in the court. Chief Metropolitan Magistrate granted the prayer but accepted the charge sheet. He ordered the transfer of the case to the District and session judge on the same day. It was proposed that case should be brought under the Emergency Acts 2007. On the 25th November, 2007 Government granted this. (Memo of home ministry no.- M.N. (law/1) Emergency-1/07/(part-13)/1236, dated 25/11/2007). On account of illness, with medical certificate, on the 29th November, 2007, again a prayer for time was submitted in the District Session Court, on behalf of the defendant Court granted. In his order, District Judge said, ‚ the permission for this case to bring under Emergency Acts 2007 u/s 19 (1) has been obtained. The prayer for time because of the absence of the defendant, I have forwarded to the learned PP, he has accepted with objection. The prayer for the time is being submitted for the hearing.’ On the 13 December 2007, again a prayer for time was submitted to the court on my behalf as I could not attend the case because my pox had not been healed. On the ground of illness (pox), an extension of time till 1 January, 2008, a payer of my absence had been made. Challenging the government order to bring my case under Emergency Acts, a writ petition was submitted to the High Court through the Supreme Court Advocate Mohammad Hossain (Writ No.-10905/2007). On the 2nd January 2008, High Court Division Bench of Justice A. B. M. Khairul Hoq and Justice Abdul awal ordered and issued a Rule-Nishi to the government to postpone the application of the Emergency Acts for 3 months by the lower court. I was not cured from the pox. So on the 3rd January 2008, local advocates quoting the High Court order and with the certificate of Advocate, on behalf of the defendant, appealed again for time. The Rajshahi District and session Judge Mr. A. R. Masud did not grant the extension of time cancelled my bail and issued warrant of arrest against me. N the 14th January 2008, the attested copy of the High Court order was submitted to the District and Session Court. District Judge postponed the hearing date till 12 April 2008 but kept the order of arrest in force. A High Court Bench formed by justice Najmun Ara Sultana and Justice M. Ashfakul Islam, on the 7th February 2008, granted my bail for 3 months. On the 18th February, 2008, the Bailbond of the bail was submitted to the Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate of Rajshahi. On the 20th February, 2008, in the court of Rajshahi District and Session Judge, a prayer to recall the order for the warrant of arrest to enable my presence in the court was submitted. Judge Mr. A. R. Masud granted my bail and ordered recall for the warrant of arrest. On the 31 March, 2008 in the High Court Bench of Justice Sarifuddin Chakladar, the postpone-order for the application of Emergency Acts was extended up to the 6 April 2008. Justice M. Iman Ali and Justice A. F. M. Abdur Rahman of High Court division Bench, on the 6th April, 2008, issued an order to extend the 3-months postponement of application of Emergency Acts. On the 1st July, 2008, Justice Iman Ali and Justice M. Emdadul Hoq ordered for one month extension of the postponement order and interim bail. Justice Khademul Islam Choudhury and Justice Mashuk Hossain Ahmed of another High´Court Bench, on the 4th August, 2008 ordered again for an extension of 3 months for both. Justice Jeenat Ara and Justice Muhammad Ziaull Karim of another Bench, on the 3rd November, 2008 gave order for another extension of 3 months. I was to present physically in the District and Session Judge Court regarding this case on the 12th April, 7th July, 6th August and 6th November, 2008.
On the charges of killing the plaintiff of the much discussed Rape case (under trial), BNP supporter millionaire Abdul Jalil has filed a complaint against me on contribution-collection (Puthia police station case no.-13, dated 23/10/2007, u/s- 385/387/506 penal code, the time of recording the case: 8-45 p.m., GR. No. 251/2007). Following this case, on the 22 January, 2009, I attended the Rajshahi District Additional Judge Court-2, and got bail. On the next February, 2009 in the same court, it is supposed that the hearing would be held on the charge sheet. On the 6th January 2008, charge sheet was submitted (Charge sheet no.-1, dated 6/1/2008). Enquiry officer of the case is SI Moazzem Hossain. On the 25 October, 2007, while I was in Rajshahi Central Jail, I was shown as arrested in this case. On the 29th October, 2007, in the court of the first class Magistrate of Rajshahi ‚B’ area, a bail petition was submitted on my behalf. Magistrate cancelled the petition. On the 12th November 2007, Chief Judicial Magistrate Abu Saleh Sk. Md. Zahirul Hoq (Dulal), a prayer was submitted for the haring of the bail. Magistrate Mr. Dulal was a Student League leader while he was in Rajhshahi University. This is known to all in Rajshahi. I have heard he is very close to Mayor Mr. H. M. Khairuzzaman Lyton. His rival is my father-in-law (of the same political party), Mr. Tajul Islam Muhammad Faruque. He is he President of Rajshahi District Awami League and ex MP. I am the son-in-law of him!
On the 14th November, 2007, in the same court, Magistrate has cancelled my prayer for the bail-hearing. On the same day, in the District and Session Judge court a Miscase (No.-2149/2007) was submitted on my behalf. =n the 15th November District and Session Judge, Mr. A.R. Masud asked the documents for the hearing of the Miscase. On the 18th November after the hearing he ordered to grant my bail against a bail bond of 20,000 Tk. Next day on the 19th November, I was released from the Central jail. On the 3rd January 2008 I was absent on petition in the court of the Chief Judicial Magistrate. In the same year on the 4th February Magistrate accepted the charge sheet and I was also absent that day. On the 23 March, as per trial-law, court recognized the case. I was present physically. Magistrate granted my bail on condition. In his court, hearings were held on 12 May. On the 25 May, though the order on hearings should have been issued, Magistrate fixed again another date of hearing! On the 8th July, hearings on complains were held and Magistrate ordered to submit charge sheet. During the process, my advocated said, ‚on the 20th April, 2002, in the Dainik Sangbad (Newspaper), Akash published a report in the first page, ‚Again the Chadradal Cadre is defendant on the charges of teenager-rape in Puthia’.
Not only this, the father of the victim was killed through poisoning! On this rape and murder case, journalist Akash had written many reports. On this reason, the father of the accused-rapist, Abdul Jalil, after 4 years willfully has filed a case against Akash on ‚contribution-collection’. There are no element of GD-Entry and formulating of charge sheet in the case. So we pray for the release Akash from the charges.’
On the 21 October, 2008, in the same court witness of the plaintiff Abdul Jalil was heard. Public prosecutors were APP Abu Raihan Al-Beruni Minhaj, Abdul Hamid and Afzal Hossain. During the cross-examination, PP Al Beruni Minhaj tried to dictate the plaintif, my advocates raised objections. In this day, my senior Advocate could not attend the case on personal ground. So his junior Advocate Jamshed Ali and Sarwar Jahan Tuhin appealed for time to the Magistrate. Magistrate rejected and allowed the witness of plaintiff. At the beginning, the plaintiff could not tell the exact year (2002) of the incidence! In this time, APP Beruni saw the GD-Entry and told him the date and year! He could not tell the second date and the year! In the way APP tried told him and plaintiff repeated it for the Magistrate’s my advocate Sarwar Jahan Tuhin objected and told ‚ Public Prosecutor has dictated the witness, this is totally illegal. This is injustice for the defendant.’ Chief Judicial Magistrate ordered APP not to tell further anything to the plaintiff.
We submitted Criminal revision case against the charges in the Session Judge court on the 5th November 2008 (Criminal Revision Case No.-162/2008, dated 5/11/08). After the hearing, District Judge ordered orally and openly no to grant the application. My advocates asked for the attested copies of the order, so that we can go to the higher court. The assistant of my Advocate, while went to the court to bring the attested copy, he was informed that next day (6th November) again a date for the hearing has been fixed. After the hearing of that day (6 November) , District Judge A.R. Masud granted the revision and issued order to the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s court to send him the current files of the case. On the 9th November, on my behalf, in the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s court, application was made about the reference of the revision of the case. Chief Judicial Magistrate fixed the new date of accepting the order of Session Judge on the next 30th November. I was ill before. On that day (30 November), to the District Judge, time was begged for my illness. District Judge acknowledged the case and transferred it to the court of the Additional Judge -2 to settle the case. On the 22 January, 2009, in the court of Additional District Judge-2, I was present and appealed for the ‚transfer-bail.’ Justice Ali Ahmed granted my bail and fixed the next date on15 February 2009.
The 3rd case against me on so called Collection of contribution was filed by Abdul Latif Biswas, BNP Puthia police station President. He complained in the Puthia police station (Puthia PS Case no. – 28, dated 25/11/2007, u/s- 385/506 penal code, GR No.- 283/2007). Enquiry officer of the case was SI Amjad Hossain. GDR Entry was sent to the court on the 26th November, 2007. After enquiry, Police found no truth on the complaint. On the 4th January, 2008, they submitted the final report (Final report no.-2, dated 4/1/2008) to the Chief Judicial Magistrate’s court. 3rd February was fixed as the date of the submission of the report. But Police submitted no report. On the next 18 March, 2008, Police made the final report and asked the permission from the court to file a case u/s 211against the plaintiff on making a false complain! On 19th June, 2008 Chief Judicial Magistrate Abu Saleh Sk. M. Zahirul Hoq accepted the final report and acquitted me from the charge. But he did not take any action against the plaintif u/s 211. Another case against me was under Emergency Act 16(2). GD Entry No. of Boalia Model police stattion-1239, dated 24/10/2007. Plaintif is he state. Under Emergency Acts 2007, as per 16 (2) section I was sent to the court of the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate (GR no.- 106/2007). On the 8th November, 2007, additional chief metropolitan Magistrate Ali Ahmed acquitted me from the charges under Emegency Act, 16(2). On the same day, I was shown as arrested on the case filed by Abdul Jalil in Puthia police station. The case which was forged by the Awami League leader, in the charge sheet, against me GDs of a journalist and one retired teacher and as I underwent some investigating reports against some journalists and the concerned paper-cutting describing me ‚unwanted’ had been added. In this context, on the 11 June, 2001, my filed case GD Entry No.- 488, dated 11/6/2001 and against one Mrs. Humaira Begum and Retired teacher Ashraf Ali Khan GD Entry No.- 449, dated 11/12/2000, carried a special significance! It is worth mentioning here that in different courts, the advocates who have represented me, they are: Advocate of Bangladesh Supreme Court, Muhammad Hossain and Syed Mamun Mahbub. In the local court were senior Advocate Mojibur Rahman Choudhury, Ex MP Advocate Tajul Islam Muhammad Faruque, Ex P Mansur Rahman, Advocate Kamrul Monir, and Ex General Secretary of the Rajshahi Advocates Bar Council, Ibrahim Hossain, Advocate Jamsed Ali, Advocate Rashed Ahsan, Advocate Sarwar Jahan Tuhin, Advocate Sakhawat Hossain Shamim, and Advocate Tanveer Hossain Khan.
Advocate Tajul Islam Muhammad Faruque, President Rajshahi Didtrict Awami League and Ex MP got the greatest shock in his last 43 years of political life and that is for me! He is my father-in-law. On the cast 29th December, 2008, he was not given the nomination from Awami League. But a drama was staged in the name of giving him nomination! Rajshahi-5 (Puthia-Durgapur) is his own area. He is not a sudden appearance in the politics. He was students league member when he was a student, then Upozilla Chairman and from there to the Member of the Parliament. All were under the banner of awami League. He has never left Awami Lreague in his more than 4 decades of political life. He hid not pay attention to many lucrative offers from other parties. But while Awami league was in the peak, he did not get the nomination!
I enquired and came to know that ‚I am the only reason that he has been so insulted!’ I have reported against corruption, terrorism, militancy, killings extra judicial, violation of human rights and I used to make investigating journalism. And this was the great barrier to the political career of my father-in-law. One suffered for the fault (!) of other!
Because of my professional works, his political rivals and a special section of the administration took their revenge! In their directions, for around two years, a unnatural situation was pressing on the people, a heavy big stone was that! Can we tell him a society civilized where there is no rule of law, principle, ideals, honesty and transparency? Not at all. But in such a wild society, we are living. Here are vileness, conspiracy, forgery, cheatings, dishonesty, black money and oiling are the chief measures of quality!
Through the artifice and fraud, in 2001 BNP and Jamat came to power and then with a master plan, murder-torture-terror and plundering were manifested on the Awami League leaders, workers, supporters, religious minorities and Indigenous. But in that election, with the people’s votes, Mr. Tajul Islam Faruque was elected. But through fraud he was defeated. As per government Gazette, 94% votes were recorded here as cast. It is simply unbelievable! But he got 47% of votes! In 2001 election, there are many election centers, where 100% (more than 100%) votes are claimed to be cast! On the 22 January 2007, BNP-Jamat qualition tried to hold ‘onesided election’ again as per the blue print of 2001 and so on the 11th January came a drastic change in the country!
On the 6th November, 2008 in an extended meeting in Puthia-Durgapur area held under the directions of the central Bangladesh Awami League, the grass root workers, through democratic way, decided unanimously to give Mr. Tajul Faruque the nomination from Rajshahi-5 constituency. But the parliamentary board did not agree to it. Nomination was given to Garment Merchant Abdul Wadud Dara who has been living in Dhaka permanently for the last 22 years! Later on Tajul Islam was given the party-nomination but the final selection was Mr. Dara. In this way Mr. Tajul Faruque faced an unprecedented injustice in his long political career where he always raised the banner of the ideals of Bangabondhu and for their materializations. He has faced innumerable molestations, persecutions as prisoner, victim of warrant of arrest, fugitive etc. He was always with the people of Puthia in their good and bad days. During the last BNP-Jamat Government, he gave shelters, arranged securities for the workers, supporters of his party confronting the tortures, terrorism. He preserved the party against all adversities. He is not a new comer in the party. He is a devoted soldier of Awami League, Bangabondhu and the people’s leader, Sheikh Hasina.
He started his political career as the Vice-President of the Ishwardi police station Students League in 1967. Later on step by step, he was elected as the Upozilla Chairman of Durghapur, Rajshahi (his birthplace), and was elected as the member of the parliament in the national election of 1991 as candidate of Awami League. After the killing of Bangabandhu, Tajul Faruque after the beginning of ‚Politics within 4 walls’ in 1977, he organized many Thana and Union Awami League units. He played a leading role to re-establish the Awami League. In the movements against the autocracy in 80’s, peoples’ Uprising in 90’s, his role is worth mentioning. During the fraud of Magura Bye-Election, he and Khulna Awami League President, Harun-ar-Rashid protested and collected evidences. BNP filed cases against both of them.
During his more than 4 decades of political career, he was always loyal to the party. He was never opportunist to leave the party under lucrative proposals from the others. Because of this BNP-Jamat qualition government tried with their cadres and also the traitor-renegades in his own party, tried to kill him several times! On 20 February, 2004, in Bagha the conspirators, opportunists and traitor-party leaders provoked killers to kill him. Armed raid was made on him. Bangla bhai alias Siddiqul Islam and Shayokh Abdur Rahman with the direct assistance of the last BNP-Jamat qualition government started the militant activities with the name of ‚Jamaatul Mujahidin Bangladesh’. In 2004 the militants tortured random to the Awami League and other progressive political party-workers-leaders-supporters, killed innocent people and at the same time plundered, robbed, forceful contribution-collections in large scale. Tajul Faruque first started movement against the militarism through a press conference. On the 23 May, 2004, Rajshahi District Awami League and other 11 political parties called a half-day strike to protest the tortures of militants, to bring them into book and to resist the armed expedition of them in Rajshahi. But the metropolitan Awami League did not support it (source: Daily Janakantho, 24 May, 2004). For this Tajul Fruque became the target of the militants. Bangla bhai openly threatened him to kill.
In the last days, through conspiracy with the BNP candidates, to make him defeated in the election, attempts to kill in Bagha, during the last interim government, forged cases against me (his son-in-law), his arrest, and tortures in the RAB camp, behind all, there were Awami League Central leaders and the newly elected Mayor of Rajshahi, A H. M. Khairuzzaman Liton. Last not the least, after the (last) interim government came to power, many false complains were dictated and lodged against him (by name or anonymous) to different administrative offices. But after the enquiries, they were all proved to be fake. Following these events, Tajul Islam did not support or oppose any candidate the City Corporation election. But in the Rajshahi Naohatta Municipality, he rendered all his strength, organizational capacities so that the Awami League candidate Abdul Gafur was elected as the Mayor.
As a part of continuous conspiracy, on the 23 August, 2008 in Durgapur police station, against him and his younger brother, Vice-President of Thana Awami League, Kabirul Islam Anis and the President of Durgapur Awami League, Mr. Nazrul Islam, General Secretary, Mr. Tofazzal Hossain on false allegations a GD entry was made. But the complaint was proved to be false after enquiry. Through the provocation of an influential Rajshahi Awami league leader, one Abdul Latif accused of corruption and fraud filed the case against Ex MP Tajul Islam Muhammad Faruque and other 4 Awami League leaders in Durgapur police station. (GD entry no. – 857, dated 23/8/2008). About the matter of being candidate of the Upozilla election, District Awami League President, Advocate Tajul Islam Muhammad Faruque, Durgapur Upozilla Awami League President, Nazrul Islam, Vice President, Kabirul Islam Anis and General Secretary, Tofazzal Hossain had threatened to kill, so complained Abdul Latif s/o Abdul Jabbar Ali Mridha of village Hoja Anontakandi of Durgapur. On enquiry, no truth was found in this allegation. Second oficer of Durgapur police station, Mokhlesur Rahman entered one GD (GD no.- 980, dated 26/9/2008) in his police station in this matter.
In 1980, he was elected as the General Secretary of Awami League of Durgapur Thana. Afterwards Tajul Faruque elected twice General Secretary of Rajshahi District Awami League. On the 26 September, 2005, he was elected as the President of Rajshahi District Awami League. In that party conference, he knew the wish of Party Leader, Sk. Hasina and against the resistance of the councilors, he requested them to elect Omar Faruque Choudhury as the General Secretary and lastly Mr. Choudhury was elected. It was the greatest mistake of his political career. General Secretary of District Awami League Mr, Abdul Jalil, and Member of the Presidium Mr. Tofael Ahmed, Organizing Secretary Mr. Abdul Mannan and Akhtaruzzaman were present. They formed a Committee with the newly elected President, General Secretary, Awami League leader Nurul Islam Thandu, Mr. Ataur Rahman, Mr. Engineer Shafikul Islam to organise a full Committee for the Rajshahi District Awami League. But the General Secretary did not want to work with them. Moreover he tried to include some of his own and self-choiced Metropolitan workers in the District Committee. This was the cause that a full Committee could not be formed. Later on the General Secretary-in-charge of Central Awami League Mr. Syed Ashraful Islam, wanted to send letters to the new nine Thana Committees and Municipal-Committee general secretaries with a proposal to convene a joint meeting to organise the full Committee of the District Awami League. But it was not materialized. Mr. Tajul Faruque faced a big financial loss and even became debtor for his political career. But he never left Awami League or the ideals of Bnngabondhu. At the end of his political career, while under the leadership of Bangabondhu-daughter, the great qualition of Awami League after winning the great victory in the election and millions of Awami League supporters were celebrating, Mr. Tajul Faruque and his family were confronting various conspiracies. For the last 7 years, he has been preparing the field for Awami League in Puthia-Durgapur but he was not given the nomination as Awami League candidate: This injustice, he can’t possibly ever forget.
It is reported that DGFI, RAB and the Mayor of Rajshahi, together these three powers, had opposed the nomination for Tajul Faruque and even he was insulted after once nominated and then the withdrawal of that by rendering another person the final nomination! Did he not get the nomination due to me? I could not calmly think about it. This thought makes me angry. Is really the country now wonder the rogues?
If not, why one is punished for the wrong of other? As my father-in-law had to compensate for my activities! I have heard because of the interventions of Army, RAB and DGFI, he was not given the Awami League nomination. But I don’t know the actual reason why Party-President and Parliamentary Board did not give him the nomination. But if because of the above reasons, he was deprived of, it is terrible for the politics. Pity to Bangladesh!
Bangladesh is known as one of the risky countries for the journalists. In the last 20 years, about 34 journalists-writer were killed. Many of them were victims of tortures. But few events were investigated and put to the trials. Throughout the country, everyday many journalists are doing their professional duties at the risks of their own deaths, persecution and intimidations. In different District towns, it is more dangerous than in capital, Dhaka. In spite of many adversities, the journalists in villages are fighting courageously for their existence in this profession. I was the victim of false complain, put to the jail and tortured. After I came out of the jail on bail, comments of my many colleagues had hurt me. Some seniors of me, they call themselves as the leaders of the journalists, said, ‚I move against the current, I chase everybody! Because of this, I was imprisoned and persecuted.’ An elderly from Rajshahi University, a colleague advised me to leave this profession to make an end of my crisis!
My wife is my friend, colleague and the source of my inspiration. She asked me after I was released from the jail,  for your honesty, courage and transparency, you got the reward with being arrested on the charges of forged complains and imprisoned by the state. Society, state and colleagues do not recognize your honesty and transparency, then why you are fighting against the corruption and the violation of human rights?’ I answered, ‚ I would continue my fight ignoring all obstacles to establish truth, justice for the country and the people. At least I have the self-satisfaction and I would definitely get the love of the common people.’
Only due to professional reasons, I was inhumanly tortured and harassed and arrested through on the grounds of forged complains and cases lodged against me one after another. I have been passing an unnatural life for the last three years as a result of the conspiracy of an united clique. At the same time, with me, 3 families attached to me are also suffering. Why against me the conspiracies, I want to explain.
Any report of an event which is held, is for the favor of someone and against some other. This is natural. One professional journalist has to search for the truth. If this truth is published or broadcast in media, one side is happy and another side is unhappy! Those are favored by the report are happy and vice-versa! Especially the concerned persons are not friends of a responsible, professional and honest journalist who reports about their corruptions, terror and crimes. Because of the reports they are unhappy and they vow to take revenge with the reporter. As I have reported against the corrupted-terrorist-circle and the violators of human rights, my life has become totally insecure. Because of the reporting’s on these matters, I became victims of tortures and forged cases. I was arrested on fake charges and molested in front of my wife, child, my house owner and his son. What the elite forces misbehaved with a human rights-worker journalist, I don’t know whether a convicted criminal had been so handled! I am now out of the jail after 28 days. But the conspiracy against me is not stopped.
Being committed with the state, country and people, sometimes along with the journalism, I worked as an activist. On the 21 August, 2004, after the grenade-attack and following the similar attacks throughout the country, on protest against the fundamental activities, I alone did a silent Rally with burial-dress. This report was published the daily Star (24 August, 2004) under the title, ‚An Unique Protest’. On the same day, a report, in the Bengali Daily, ‚Prothom Alo’ under the title, ‚ Awake the conscious, save the country, an extra-ordinary protest by a journalist in Rajshahi’ was published. To protest the journalists-killings, I went with lonely movement. While in 2004, in Rajshahi North areas, Militants started murders and tortures, I first, made a detail report on the Militant leader Siddiqul Islam and Shayokh Abdur Rahman on their murderous activities and made a GD entry on the 30th May, 2004 in Rajshahi Boalia police station (No.-1587, dated 30/05/2004) and another in Baghmara police station (N0. – 1647, dated 30/05/2004). Both GDs are not yet investigated.
On the 26th April 1997, the terrorists of Chatrashibir raided on the then Vice Chancellor and famous Folklore-expert Professor Abdul Khalek and three other teachers in their residences. I was then a student of the University and worked as the correspondent of daily Sangbad. The cadres of the Chatrashibir set fire to my room, crumbled and tried to kill me. Source: Special News after the 8-00 pm BTV News on the 28 April, 1997. In the same year in daily Ajker Kagoj, Daily Bangla, Bangladesh Observer, daily Sangbad and almost all other national dailies, on the 27 April, this report was published. To make a much discussed report about the Islamic militancy and revolution in Bangladesh, Alisa Griswold, American journalist of New York Times Magazine came to Rajshahi. I helped her to investigate in Militant area of Baghmara, on the spot. Source: Daily Amar Desh, 6th March, 2005. Student’s league leader Ahsan Habib Babu was killed in the Brushfire of RAB in Durgapur, Rajshahi on 1 December, 2006. On behalf of the Bangladesh Institute of Human rights (BIHR) an investigation was made. I led the investigating team. Source: Daily Janakantha and daily Bjorer Kagoj, 9 December, 2006.
I prepared a report on the killings-tortures, plundering and rapes in Rajshahi area by the BNP-Jamat Qualition and their armed cadres after the election of the 1st October, 2001. It was published in daily Sangbad. For this, many times the cadres of the qualition-powers tied to kill me. Since last 15 years, what was my role to protect the Bengali culture and with all progressive-democratic movements, the people of Rajshahi know it. In September 2002, in Sadhanpur of Puthia, Rajshahi on the direction of then MP of BNP Nadim Mostofa, BNP cadres attacked on me with arms. In 2003, miscreants kidnapped and brought me to an unknown place tortured me. Militant leader Siddiqul Islam alias Pakibhai (self-proclaimed, Banglabhai) threatened me to kill. After the closing of CSB News broadcast on 2 October, 2009, Mahfuzul Alam Loton, on the provocation of his nephew, AHM Khairuzzaman Liton, lodged a conspiracy and forged case against me on contribution-collection. They made me arrested with RAB and arranged my tortures by them. That conspiracy is still going on. I have reported on the complaint of the administrative-corruptions in the Delwar Hossain Waqf Estate (Religious-Grant-property) of Rajshahi. Because of this, Liton and Mr. Loton has harassed me with lodging fake cases against me. I was arrested by RAB and tortured. After 28 days in jail, on 19 November, 2007, I was released on bail. But both are still against me. These two are joined with one from the law and order (Army). I am a harassed victim of extreme injustice as a journalist. Recently it is rare in Bangladesh that a humanist-journalist is persecuted through forged cases. My profession was the reason for all these mishandlings. It is not yet ended. The known opportunists and corrupts were angry with me. They always searched plea to put me in trouble. In the beginning of June, 2007, the conspiracy started. After the closing of CBS News, this was enlarged. Special state army personnel joined in it because of his personal grudge. As a consequence, I was charged with a complaint of forceful collection of 50,000 Tk, by contractor Loton. I got the interim bail of this case from higher court on 16 October 2007. Yet on the 23 October 2007 at night, I was arrested. Till now I have 3 fake cases against me. My life is at a great because of my professional career. The deep reasons are my reports on the violation of human rights.
‘Delwar Hossain Waqf Estate’ is a widely known Estate in Rajshahi. Everybody knows about the corruption in the administration of this Estate. Cases in the courts have also been lodged. On 9 April 2002, in Daily Sangbad, a report was published, ‚Complains of large irregularities and corruptions in Rajshahi Delwar Hossain Waqf Estate, a new administrator has been appointed’ and on the 17th December, 2006, another report‚ ‚Police has handover the responsibilities to the new administrator of Rajshahi Delwar Hossain Waqf Estate’ was published. I made the both reports. On 25 April in CSB News, under the title‚ ‚In North areas, the Waqf-Estates are being
Illegally occupied’ was broadcast. The complaints about the Waqf-Estate were elaborated here. Besides I made reports on the 30 June, 2003 in the weekly Mridubhashan, ‚the Awami League in Rajshahi is finding no direction’ and on the 21 February, 2004 in daily Sangbad about the postponement of Awami League Bagha Upozilla Conference and assaults on the local Awami League leaders and workers by one particular group with the help of BNP cadres where with Central General Secretary, District General Secretary, 20 workers were harassed. In the same year I reported on the 28th December, Rajshahi Awami League is shattered with the inner party struggle’, on the 19 May 2005, ‘The process of familiarization of Rajshahi Awami League’. Mr. Lyton was dissatisfied with me. On 11 January, 2007, after the change of government (interim), Emergency was proclaimed in the country. Uncle and Nephew took the chance of Emergency and with the help of an influential RAB Officer, started conspiracy against me. Mahfuzul Alam Loton, son of Abdus Samad, Delwar Waqf Estate-Administrator, planfully forged a contribution-case against me and submitted. Mr. Abdus Samad, father of Loton, was fired on the charges of corruption from the Waqf-Estate. In May, 2001 Loton joined Awami League. Now he is the Vice-President of Rajshahi District Awami League and a contractor by profession. Before on the 4th March, 2000, I was made a report in the daily Sangbad, ‘From the spot of the event in Rajshahi, out of fear of the terrorists, two families can’t go out’. Another report from me was‚ Case has been lodged but Police is silent’. On account of these reporting’s, Mr. Loton wanted to teach me a lesson! So he let the terrorists loose on me. But his cadres, out of mistake, instead of me, wounded the then correspondent of daily Jugantor, Mr. Uttam Kumar Das. I made a GD entry in Boalia police station (no. – 310, dated 7-3-2000). Mr. Loton is accused of fraud and cheating. He is the 4th accused of Rajpara police station case no-10, dated 7-10.2007, and u/s 466/468/471/406 penal code. In Rajshahi Boalia Model police station on the last 20 June, 2007, Mr. Loton filed a GD and police recorded (GD no.-1160, dated 20-6-2009). After about 4 months on the last 2 October, in the same police station, a ditto copy of this GD was submitted as complainant’s deposition. Police recorded this as a case (Case no. 2, dated 2-10-2007, u/s 385/386 penal code). On the last 16 October, I got interim bail from the higher court in this case. On the 23rd October night (1-30 a.m.), I was arrested by civil-dressed RAB from my satellite town-rented house. Before I was arrested the second collection-case was filed against me in Puthia police station. Case no.– 13, dated 23-10-2007, u/s 385/387/506 penal code. Plaintiff was BNP supporter Abdul Jalil. On the 19th April 2002, his son Chatradal cadre, Harun raped teenager Shiuli. He was then caught by the people. Abdul Jalil gave pressure on Awami Leaguer Abdul Halim to compromise the case. But his attempt failed and it was alleged that he has killed Abdul Halim with adding poison in sweets (Jilapi). He was charged with this murder and he was recorded as the chief accused in Puthia police station, Case no. 7, dated 9-5-2005, GR No.- 99/2005, complain document no.- 136, dated 12-8-2005, u/s 302/34 B. penal code.
Over this sensational rape-incident of 19th April 2002 and about the murder of Abdul Halim, I made several reports in daily Sangbad. On the 25th November Puthia Thana BNP President and ex administrator of Puthia Municipality Abdul Latif Biswas filed the 3rd forged contribution case against me. Puthia police station case no.- 28, dated 25/11/2007 u/s 385/506 penal code. Plaintiff of this case was of the chief accused of a sensational attempt to kill, plundering and also collection case! The case against Mr. Abdul Latif with Puthia police station is no. 3, dated 2/7/2007 (GR 152/2007) u/s 147/323/325/307/385/427/114 penal code. On the complaint against Mr. Abdul Latif to open an Alcohol-Distillation in Puthia, my report was published in daily Sangbad on the 23 August, 2003. The political company of him, Mamtajul Alam lodged a case against me and the respectable editor of daily Sangbad Mr Bajlur Rahman on defamatory charges. Court has acquitted both of us.
After I came out of jail, from various circles I was advised to leave journalism. I told them, ‚journalism is my first and last profession of life.’ I want to conclude, ‚ I would never go backward to tell the truth. With hundreds of harassments, persecutions and tortures, none can stop my pen! Let us unitedly make journalism free from all pressures and ensure is independence. This profession must be more decorated, recognized. We must secure the rights to know the truth, the human rights and. We must be united to fight for a free Bangladesh from terror and corruption.’
Because of my investigating reports on corruptions and violations of human rights, I have been harassed. The fake cases against me are nothing but revenge! As a result my and two other families are passing days in panic and insecurity. This is an unbearable dreadful life. I want freedom from all these persecutions. I demand the security of my family and me, a natural life and justice. And all conspirators and perpetrators should be punished. Recently, I saw a report of the United Nations  on Bangladesh where the government of Bangladesh has identified me as a “Yellow and extortionist journalist”.
Really I am astonished on the attitude of the state (Bangladesh) after seen that report. I can challenge to the Bangladesh government about my professional honesty and responsibility for the society. After all, I am not an extortionist and yellow journalist. I had been always working for the oppressed and voiceless people from Bangladesh and still I am doing this from abroad. It is common practice of Bangladesh, where there is no respect to the patriot and honest professional personalities. Many example are there in favour of my speech. Bangladesh should be stopped to make any false statement against human rights defenders and journalists. Bangladesh should be practical on truth and should uphold the human rights for the interest of peace and democracy.

Jahangir Alam Akash
“Euro Bangla”

“PAIN” is a book on political science and civil rights has published from Xlibris Corporation publication, USA. This book contains on Bangladesh history, culture and moreover its independence, pre and past-liberation period, the politics of military governments and the political parties.
Along with these, Jahangir Akash has written some articles on Germany, Austria in European perspectives. He has discussed the social aspects, human-rights, democracy, environment-nature and present situations with reference to and examples from these two countries. But the main theme is his country and what he has written about Bangladesh, it is from his long experiences as an active journalist, free-thinker and human-right-defender which are the backgrounds of his exile life since 2009 in Europe. The writer of this book is the editor of “Euro Bangla”.
Anyone can buy it from internet. We would like to share the online links for “PAIN”.
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Pain-Jahangir-Alam-Akash/dp/1456858025
Books on Board (as e-book) : http://www.booksonboard.com/index.php?BODY=viewbook&BOOK=996716
Publishers Xlibris: http://www2.xlibris.com/BOOKSTORE/bookdisplay.aspx?bookid=93404
Description of the book. It is now 39 years that Bangladesh is an independent country. But the rule of law, honest administration and the culture of democracy are still far cry! Common people are searching peace. Militancy, extra judiciary murders, maladministration, party-attribution, terror, corruption are closing the path of progress. Religious and indigenous minority killings-oppressions are hindrances to the amity. The murders of Journalists are robbing the opportunity of free reporting. All these current problems and crisis are well depicted through the pen of Journalist-Akash. This young writer is a courageous soldier of peace and democracy. This book is a reflection of Bangladesh-reality. The international community will definitely get a transparent picture of Bangladesh in the book. Peace, people’s government, real democracy and the rule of law are all golden-deer in Bangladesh. The religious fanaticism, innumerable superstitions, lack of education, poverty, corruption, immorality, have now strongly established the criminality everywhere. Disunity, unfairness, oppression, torture, killing-murder, terror, activities of the communal fundamentalists have crashed the people on the ground! Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Christians live here. People of all religions unitedly have fought for the independence of Bangladesh and shed blood. With enormous sacrifices under the leadership of Bangabondhu (late) Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, The nation got one nice secular constitution. After only 4 years after the independence of Bangladesh, father of the nation, Sk Mujibar Rahman, was killed brutally with most of his family members. Through a planned way the following governments of General Ziaur Rahman and General H.M. Ershad have amended, revised and changed many times the original constitution of Bangladesh and have made it almost a farce! Islam was declared as the ‚State-Religion’. Although Bangladesh has people from four religions! But such a radical change of the former secular Constitution was a heinous dishonour to the holy constitution! Through these measures religious fanaticism and communalism were given a state Formulate Contour. In the name of Islam the religious fundamental militancy has become now the greatest problem of Bangladesh. It is about now about 39 years after the independence, but the war criminals of Al- badr, Al- Shams, Rajakars and the murderers who were directly related with the genocide during the struggle for independence have not yet been put into the trial. The Political Party, Jammat-e- Islam is regularly igniting the fire of communalism in the name of Islam. Communal-politics is not banned in the country. State-terror like killings extra-judicial are going on without end. All devouring corruption is the greatest obstacle for the fulfillment of the basic rights of the people. The afflictions of religious minorities are a day to day affair. In the society, a privileged class is making mountains with money. On the other side, majority people, not less than 95%, are becoming poorer everyday. Religious minorities and the indigenous people are deprived of constitutional rights. Including the father of the nation, hundreds of politicians, journalists, lawyers, judges, members and common people have been killed. Different state-controlled armed cadres have created an extreme fearful and inhuman situation by their killings of innocent people, tortures and oppressions. Within 38 years of independence, the country was under the military rulers for long 17 years. People were pushed to the dark-wild-administration and its persecutions. Torture-murders and planned genocide, crime and the incidences of the militancy are never inquired properly and effectively. Of course after the event, government announces for inquiry and committees are also formed. ‚Whoever is the criminal, he would be definitely punished’, such promises are heard from the top label of the government or from the concerned authorities repeatedly with arrogance. But they are never materialized. Shortly speaking, there is no ‚explanation’ in the country. In the history of human-civilization, the self confessed killers who have committed utmost heinous murders are saved from the state level and any possibility to put them into trial is closed. Judges feel agony to perform their duties. The culture of the ‚absence of justice’ is increasing the criminal tendency day by day. All the state organs have been criminalized. The endless greed of making money of the upper class people are pushing the 70-80% common people towards the lowest level of poverty. By the most of political parties, specially the two big, Awami league and BNP have no headache for democracy. So the democracy in the state level is now beyond every possibility! Fundamental militancy in the name of Islam is growing rapidly. Women-Children-tortures, giving of fake religious decrees (Fatwa of Islam), meanness, and religious fanaticism are expanding. Raids with Bomb and Grenades, suicidal-conspiracies, envy and malice, scrambles are in extremity. Brotherhood, mutual delight, solidarity, love and respect are being lost. Everywhere the humanity is hindered. Differences, dissimilarities between persons are growing. Kindness and humanity are decreasing and on the other side, selfishness and merchantile mentality are growing on an electric-speed! Every day million of peoples are hungry and so to say almost naked due to lack of clothing. Each year through flood, drought, dearth and tempest-cyclone millions of people suffer. Because of the change of river-flows, everyday innumerable people are loosing their all possessions. The five basic rights to have food, cloth, education, treatment and dwelling are totally unknown to the vast majority of the people. Each year innumerable persons die on diseases and without treatments. Millions of children have no access to schools, but ‚Child-labor’ is everywhere! Women-Children-smuggles, rapes are very common matter in Bangladesh. Besides there is labor-discrimination. For similar works as men, women get less remunerations. Crime and criminals are ‚pardoned’ by state and it is a big obstacle for the establishment of rule of Law in Bangladesh. A general statistics depicts that from 2004 till today, more than 1,800 persons were killed extra judiciary, through so-called ‚crossfire’,’ encounter’ or in the name of ‚exchange of fires’. After the killing of father of the nation, the culture of impugning crimes has started. It is still going on, eve under the present new government. Journalist Jahangir Akash in each article of this book, has told us about a ‘Golden Bangladesh’ and the peaceful world where the communal harmony would be a bright example of fraternity.
Author’s cover bio: The thoughts for the society haunts him always. He sees man above religion and color. In favor of the people, truth, justice and with the professional mentality for social welfare, he has grown up. Akash is a professional and non communal Journalist with a mind of free thoughts. To clean the society garbage and darkness, he himself was compelled to get out of the country. Though in exile, he thinks and feels for his motherland all the moments. This exiled Journalist, in each write up has told us about peace, harmony in his motherland and in the world.

BNP-Jammat started and Awami League continuing extra judicial killings in Bangladesh.  Bangladesh is instigating to extra judicial killings. Bangladesh is constitutionally committed to protecting and promoting human rights. Not only that, Bangladesh has signed many international treaties to protect the human rights. In spite of it is violating continuously. Even the Prime Minister, Foreign Minister, Home Minister and State Minister for Home are instigating to the extra judicial killings. On the other hand, in the investigation conducted by the Ministry of Home Affairs, such evidence has been found, which supports the allegations of extra-judicial killings against the RAB. Present grand alliance government led by Hasina had pledged in its electoral manifesto that once in power extrajudicial killing will be brought to an end. But it has not been stopped. Rather it is being continued in different names like ‘gun-fight’, ‘encounter’, ‘Crossfire’ etc. The foreign minister Dipu Moni recently told “extrajudicial killing was almost part of the system and could not be changed overnight.”
Another attempt to kill event was occurred by RAB in the capital city Dhaka on 10 February, 2011. The injured person is Rubel Hossen (20). On the other hand, police has killed another person in Pabna on 9 January, 2011. The killed identified as Igibar (35). According to the human rights organisations reports on extra judicial killings, 396 people have been killed in 2005, 355 people have been killed in 2005, 184 people have been killed in 2007, 149 people have been killed in 2008, 229 people have been killed in 2009, 133 people have been killed in 2010 and at least 15 people have been killed in this year in extra judicially by the law enforcers. Though, according to a secret source, over 8,000 people have been killed only by RAB in extra judicially (in the name of so-called crossfire, encounter, gunfight) and by secret murders, disappeared since 2004. Please read more news on extra judicial killings in the Euro Bangla (http://www.eurobangla.org/).
Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) of Bangladesh Dr Mizanur Rahman has said all extrajudicial killings should be investigated to bring the wrongdoers to justice.

By Jahangir Alam Akash: Journalist Manik Saha was my elder and respectable colleague. We were together worked with the oldest Bengali newspaper of Bangladesh daily Sangbad and for Ekushey Television. He was from Khulna and I was from Rajshahi was working. He also worked for BBC and English newspaper of Bangladesh the New Age. Still he is the symbol of the combination of Journalism, politics and human rights activism in Bangladesh. He was very honest and patriotic journalist. He was also a popular journalist leader of Khulna. Manik Saha and Journalist Humayun Kabir Balu, who was the Editor of Janmobhumi, together were introduced the mother language movement, freedom fighting history in the Khulna Press Club. Mr. Balu also murdered after Manik Saha.The political opportunists were murdered both of them inhumanly by the bomb attack. Manik Saha was killed on 15 January of 2004. Total seven years have passed, but the killers still unseen. The murder of Manik Saha was a preplanned murder. Today 15 January, 2011 is the killing day of the great journalist Manik Saha. We believe just now he is (Manik Saha) is sleeping in the Heaven. Innocent dear Porshia, Natasha and Nonda boudi are in my mind. The faces all of them are appear in my mind in this moment. People of Bangladesh never forget the terrible killing of Manik Saha. Miss. Nonda Dey is the wife of Manik Saha and his loving daughters are Porshia and Natasha. Bangladesh couldn’t stop the crying of the family of Manik Saha. The killers, planners are out of touch of the justice. This is the fortunate of the people of Bangladesh. Justice is always crying there.
Now I would like to draw a overall picture on the press freedom of Bangladesh. Last year, a journalist and an editor were imprisoned for the charge of Contempt of Court. This is the latest scene of freedom of speech in Bangladesh. This questions the freedom of mass media is a big and important subject. It is normal to kill or torture to the journalists. Actually the press freedom is a golden deer in Bangladesh. If it would be there then I didn’t choose the exile life. You can’t think of proper freedom of speech without rule of law and democracy. The new chairman of the human rights commission Professor Mizanur Rahman has said right by saying “There is no proper rule for the law”
There is a huge difference between the culture of Bengali and the Europeans. It is not easy to adopt the environment after leaving another. So it is difficult for a Bengali to cope with the environment of Germany or Austria or in Europe. I have met many Bengalis in Europe. But they haven’t been very intimate with them. We are accustomed to the Bengali culture of jealousy and gossiping. The relationship builds over political matters. People are not judged by what they do. The relationship builds and breaks on political purposes. Now I have got the proof of it in this foreign land. I can’t say that there is an exception. The living proof is Abdullah Al Harun. Who is living in Germany for 2 decades? It is a matter of great shame that people like him have got banished for their country. He could have contributed a lot for his country. But the people of the country are separated from it. If he lived in Bangladesh than he might have become greater writers than Imdadul Haque Milon or Humayun Ahmed. He might have been become greater than the famous play writer Abdullah-Al-Mamun. Although they are brothers. Even if someone is disliked by the government or people with political power or even if he doesn’t do any sort of politics than it is almost impossible for him to live there. It is impossible to survive without being part of the politics. Recently a friend of mine has reminded me of this point in Berlin.
Whatever, that is not the point. Abdullah Al Harun is a friend and guardian to me. The age difference is like father and son. It is through him I got to know the Canadian resident journalist Showgat Ali Sagor. He is the publisher of the online paper Notun Desh and his wife Sherin Ferdous is the editor. Both are professional journalist. I didn’t meet them in Bangladesh. But I was attracted by both their reports. I had a deep relation with those reports. I complimented on a writing of Abdullah Al Harun on Notun Desh. That was when I met Showgat through e-mail. It was about on the 10th or 12th of April when I met Sagor. On the 21st April 2010 a report was printed on some Abdur Rahim Mazumder at Notun Desh’s 1st edition, 38th copy. The headline was torture of journalists in Bangladesh.
Personally I feel a great interest in reporting and writing about the news about the torture on the journalists. For this reason the report took my special attention. But after reading the first paragraph I felt a heartily relation with the report. Gradually I understood that this was my own piece of writing. This writing was published same to same in the daily Bangla newspaper ‘The DAily Sangbad’. ‘Natun Desh’ also published that writing. The headline was ‘brave journalist Shamsur Rahman Killing Day and Killing-torture on Journalist of Bangladesh”. I sent an e-mail to Sagor vai as soon as I could. If I sent writing same to same to any where then no editor would be able to understand that. Then I saw that, that was deleted. He gave me answer very quickly. Thanks to the authority of ‘Natun Desh’. i feel a close relation with the family of the ‘Natun Desh’. Hopefully this relation will continue.
I want to uphold a picture of the press freedom to the national readers as well as the international one. The autocracy had fallen just then. I read in the college. There I met with the reporter of the Dainik Bangla Shamsur Rahman Kable by name. 16th July is his killing day. In this very day of 2000 the terrorists shoot him out. He then worked for the DAily Janakhanta in Jessore. I was admitted in Rajshahi University (RU) to study. I joined with The Daily Sangbad. Then i was introduced with Manik Saha. He told me not to take much risk. He told me, “Akash, Never take much risk. Be careful. They are (Islami Chattra Shibir, whic is the student wing of the war criminal party Jammat) very dangerous.” he is no longer in our midst. Will the family be able to stop their crying of their heart?
Not only free media but the lives of the journalists are uncertain. Days go, months pass, Years rotate one after another but the justice of the journalist torture remain undisputed. In the country there is a government ‘Secular and democratic’ by name. They are also known as grand alliance government led by the father of the nation, Sheikh Hasina. But they have failed to stop the torture on the journalists. They have not succeeded to stop the extra-judicial killing. A few days ago the Goutam Das and Dipankor Chakraborty Killings Day had passed. But how a suspected murder after surrendering himself to the court can flee away is hard to understand. But in the country it seems that there is no rule of law, justice etc. If it was then at least the torture would have been stopped. The families of the killed journalist would get the proper justice.
The media can’t enjoy freedom without democracy. Human rights become absent there too. The torture on the journalists is not anything new. So, the voice for freedom of press is becoming higher. Democracy and mass media is complementary for one another. The risk in the south Asia has been up growing. In Bangladesh Journalism and press are under the control of state machine indirectly.
Along with Bangladesh the journalists of the South Asia pass their lives under threat. Thoug, the journalism, journalists are in front of threats all most in the whole world with some exception. Because they talk about the people. Against the killing and torture press works on the largest extend. So, they become the victim always. Here we may give the example of the Ekushey TV and CSB news. Showing a lot of false excuses the Government had stopped these two channels. Though Ekushey TV has restarted its voice again. On the 27th April,2010 the govt. banned the broadcasting of the Channel ONE. On the very same day there went a report on the country page of the Daily SANGBAD. According to the report, a journalist Muhammad Abul Kalam Bishwas contacted the mayor of Manikgonj Ramjan Ali. At that time Mayor said him,“If you make any news regarding me or my family then i will kill you. Previously you reported about my brother. I at that time looked for you but as i could not find you, at that time you got rid of me. But if it happens for another time, then i will make you bound to give a good compensation for yourself and your family.”

The last news is the closing of The Daily Amar Desh on the 1st June, 2010. On a lame excuse the govt. has stopped the publication of this newspaper. Mahmudur Rahman, the then on-duty editor was arrested. Though, later the High Court passed an ordered to publish Amardesh. On June, 2010 the Daily Observer, a English daily has been closed. The previous Awami League govt. has stopped The Daink bangla, Bangladesh Times, and Saptahik Bichitra. On the 15th october, 2009 the jamuna Tv started their test transmission but the govt. made them bound to stop that on the 19th november, 2009.

There goes no ending of torturing the journalists in Bangladesh. Here torture-killing is like a simple matter. In the present reign of this govt. 5 journalists have been killed. They are Fateh Osmani,Shafiqul islam Mithu, Abdul hannan, Ahsan Bari and Nurul Islam Rana. In the caretaker govt. this writer along with Tasneem Khalil of The Daily Star was tortured by Army and RAB. During that time throughout Sylhet, Bandorban, Nilfhamari a lots of false cases had been filed. Moreover, in the reign of the so-called democratic govt. RAB is torturing the journalists too. On 22 October, 2009 RAB has tortured to the New Age journalist F M Masum.

The whole family of the father of the nation was killed on the 15th August, 1975. Then the military rule fall like stone on the people of the country. This military autocracy came to an and through a lot of struggles and sacrifice of life. The democracy became free. National election was held in 1991. BNP, the team founded by general Zia throned on the power. As soon as they throned, they destroyed the organizational structure of the journalist. Without any termination benefit the then BNP govt. cut out 14 senior journalists as well as the then editor of the Dainik Bangla Toab Khan, the then editor of Weekly Bichitra Sahariar Kabir. November of 2002. BBC took an initiative of a documentary for channel four. For this reason Jaiba Malik and Bromuno Torentino came to Bangladesh. For this BNP Govt. tortured on the journalist Shahriar Kabir, Saleem Samad and Prisila Raj along with these two foreign journalists were arrested. Bomb attack on Mymensingh Cinema hall happened. Journalist Enamul Haque Chowdhury and Professor Muntasir Mamun were arrested is suspect of being involved with this. Though, the charge was totally fabricated and politically motivated. It is complained that, BNP govt. tortured the journalist during their arrest period. The last of April, 2009. The terrorists threatened to Shamim Parvez Khan, the correspondent of Daily Sangbad of Dhamrai. He helped the innocent people of get rid of the cases. For this, the regarding group become angered. Through there went a G.D. with the local thana (Police Station), none was arrested. In the same month there went also a accident in Mymensingh. In Gafragaon the correspondent of the Daily Samakal Shamim-Al-Amin was attacked. F.M. Masum becomes the victim of the brutality on the 22nd October, 2009. The RAB members tortured him inhumane. He was the reporter of the Daily New Age. He was reporting on the killing of extra judicial. For that he was being tortured.

On 16th April, 2006, a Cricket match between Bangladesh and Australia was held. The police attacked the journalists. So journalists were injured. Alhaz Jahirul Haque is in this occupation for around 65 years. He was also beaten by the police which is almost impossible to think in any civilized society. Journalist society was on the peak of movement at that time. The then BNP-Jammat led govt. made a judicial body to investigate. That report has not come out yet no police officials or any of the attackers haven’t been punished. 29th May, 2006 the then M.P. of Kushtia Provoked terrorists to attack on the journalists. Iqbaal Sobhan Chowdhury, Editor of Bangladesh Observer and President of Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ), was highly injured on that day. I can’t recall the punishment of these terrorist. Journalism is my passion and profession. Journalism is in my thought for the whole time. I have the wish to do something for man. Investigation on apprise on the general people because the problem of my life. I did not even imagine myself. I become the victim of state brutality.
I have reported against oppression. That kinds of oppression change of my life-this was beyond my dream. Today I am falling a harsh reality. An uncertainty has brought my life at the door of destruction. I don’t know whether this will be finished or not as we are heading towards a uncivilized brutal society. We know, thousands of torture can’t resist the man wave as well as no man can be digitalized. Evil power can’t destroy the light of forth through state terrorism.
The reality in Bangladesh say that there goes problem which judicial problem. Torture is closely related. People have then crossfire easily. Death and torture under police water a single word. Govt. has always given this legality. The murderers are given prizes. Role of media is also under question. They are favorably the cross fires our media never hesitates to publish the press release.

The people who will take the nations ahead are the journalist. In the time of emergency torture of RAB reached its peak. I am one of the best examples. Moreover, there go a lot of examples of state torture. Shahriar Kabir is one of the great examples. Still now, he is moving with the spots of torture the same condition is of this writer and Masum of the Daily New Age. But after that we want no one more is to bring under this condition. Manik Saha was a reputed journalist. He was killed by a brutal bomb blast on the January of 2004. As a result, he was killed; the real killers are out of touch till now.
Abdul Latif Nabil was slaughtered on the 2nd March, 2004. It is claimed that it is an aftereffect of making hindrance in the way of an extra-marital affair of his wife. Though the suspected were arrested. But we don’t know the condition of case now. President of the Khulna Press club Humayun Kabir Balu was killed by the terrorists on the 27th June, 2004. 21st August, 2004 Kamal Hossain was slaughtered. He was the G.S. of Upazilla Chatradal.
Diponkor Chakraborty (59) was killed on the 2nd October, 2004. 24th October, 2004 another journalist was killed. Anwar Apple (31) was killed in his own office at kataban of Dhaka where he was shot by the terrorists. A bomb attack was happened in the press club of Khulna on the 5th February 2005. Sheikh Belal Uddin was killed and 4 other journalist was injured. 29th May of the same year, Golam Mahfuj, Publisher and editor of the Dainik Kumillar Muktakatha was killed. The killers slaughtered him.
Foridpur correspondence of the daily Somokal Goutom das was murdered by the terrorist, Golam majed of the Daily Runner from jessore, Harun ur Rashid from khulna, Humayun Kabir from the Daily Janmabhumi, Manik saha of the daily Sangband, Jamal Uddin from Rangamatiu, Mir Ilias Hossain Dip from Jhinaidah, Sheikh belal uddin from the Daily Sangram, Nahor Ali, Shukur ali hossain, Ahsan Ali from nayrayangong, Faruk ahmed from Moulovibazr, Kamruzzan of Nilsagar, S.M. Alauddin from Shatkhira, shamsur RAhman cable of the daily Janakantha from Jessore, Saiful Alam mukul. There is no evidence of punishment of killing journalists, writers, intellectuals and human rights workers. In the reign of Alliance Government only for the political affairs, columnists, Professor Muntasir Mamun, Journalist Shahriar Kabir, Seleem Samad were the victim of the torture from the state. Renowned journalists Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury were tortured by this government. In the last 20 years in Bangladesh 31 journalists including non-conventional writer Professor. Humayun Azad was murdered. On 3 july of 2009 journalist Nurul Islam Rana was murdered in Uttara. During the time of current government Journalist Abdul Hannan and Ahsan Bari were murdered also. According to the report of a private organization “Odhikar” in 2009, 3 journalists were murdered, 84 were injured, 45 were harassed, 16 were assaulted, 1 arrested, 2 kidnapped, 73 were threatened, case file against 23, another 19 were assaulted in different incidents. 41 journalists were the victim of torture. From January to March in this 3 months of 2010, 38 journalists were injured, 26 were threatened, 17 were harassed. Odhikar also told that, in the year of 2010 four journalists have been killed.

In the office of a newspaper 8 journalists were attacked. In the regime of the last Awami League government, the then Awami league MP Jainal Hazari came into light. The member of the class committee of Joinal Hazari assaulted an UNB correspondent named Tipu Sultan. The Prime- Minister of the then time government and present government Sheikh Hasina indirectly supported the oppression over journalists. She told that, “did Tipu Sultan have any accreditation card? Is it possible for being a journalist without that. But 90% to 95% journalists don’t have any accreditation card . though there are lots of sayings about this card. Lets quit this topic for today.

The top murder Journalists are Manik Saha, Shamsur Rahman cable, Humayun kabir Balu, Saiful Alam Mukul etc. Most of the journalists were tortured during the time of the Caretaker government which was controlled by the Armed Forces. The most noticeable oppressions were upon the editor and publisher Freedom fighter Atikullah Khan Masud, Jahangir Alam Akash, Tasneem Khalil etc. During the time of caretaker government around the countryside the army tortured professors and students of different universities and the reason was the small incident at the field of Dhaka University. For attending against such incidents the teacher and the student of Rajshahi University made out a silent procession. Claiming this incident the then government filed cases against the teacher and the students. The script writer, a actor and columnist Malay Bhowmic who was a journalist for about 22 years. Now he writes column in the daily Prothom Alo and the daily Jugantor. His “Uttorer Ullukhagra” was a famous column in the daily Sangbad. He is the founder of the oldest drama association of Rajshahi University “Anushilon”. Now he is the chairman of the department of the Drama and Music. He was also tortured in tat same incident. There has not been remedy yet of discrimination non democracy, capitalism, division of the journalist today.
There is another strong cause behind not being remedy of the murder of journalist. That is partial journalism. Awami league supported journalists remain silent when theirs committed a murder of journalist during their period. Theses journalists remain active during BNP period. BNP supported journalist do the same thing. Our statement is very clear as a citizen or a journalist. In any custody no torture upon a citizen can be tolerable in civilized society. It is my demand on behalf of the journalist society that this torture should be stopped. Proper investigation is necessary for this type of incident. Those who are related with this type of torturer have to be brought under trail. I want effective investigation of every journalist’s murder that is committed till now. Because murder and torture is unthinkable in civilized society. If there is no idealistic change then press freedom will be things that can we never be found. People have seen that corrupted people prevailed during every government. And these corrupted people are taking palace of the ownership of Bangladeshi media. Media was controlled during the caretaker government. These owners have no ideology as a result journalist fall in front of self censorship. Huge number of news papers have been published a big question is how many of these come into the help of the country. To control the media advertisement is the main arms. Multinational companies are controlling media through advertisement. Crisis of professionalism is an impediment. Another problem of press freedom is contempt to court. There is no certain definition of this matter. Some days ago editor of Prothom Alo is accused of being contempt of court. This is the first time in the history of Bangladesh that an editor is arrested. It is worth mentioning that “Amar Desh” news paper is against Awami league government. The publishing of the news paper is dismissed for a silly excuse. After that Mahmudur Rahman was arrested. It is again mentioning that Mahmudur Rahman is not a professional journalist. A question is raised against this sentence. And that is nothing can be written against internal corruption of the court. No report can be submitted against the court. There is no description about what will be contemptuous for the court? For these journalists and editors are at great risk. Because of political division socio-economic structure lack of unity among the journalist, murder and torture are not stopped. We want justice of all these murders. Remedy for this can be got if there are rule of law and effective democracy in the society.
Mass revolution is needed going beyond politics, person and community. Only through the mass revolution the problems of country and society can be solved. The root of injustice in the society is in the very deep in the society. This can be only proved when we see that man can not get the solution of the killing of people. After the killing of the colleague I have heard to say by the journalist that they don’t want justice because it can’t be achieved. With this slogan they have to come down to the street. We will hope that this condition will change. It is a matter of hope that the previous government has passed the rules and regulations of the community radio. Human rights commission has been constructed. But these things should not be started only but the process of running these should be ensured. The present information minister has said that the cases against the journalist will be withdrawn. This is good news. Personally Cases have also been filed against me. One thing should be made clear that suppose a journalist is there Mr. X by name. He has really committed crimes. Then will the cases against him be withdrawn? My answer is no. Without the freedom of newspaper the democracy and without the democracy the freedom of the media is never possible. These are complementary. Without one the other is impossible.
Through Face book I was having a conversation with one of my friends. He was saying that he had made a series of reports of four episodes on the extra-judicial killing. He made me informed that that report lost its way after two episodes as there had come Military pressure. Manik Saha, a veteran journalist was killed in this day. At his working hour he was killed by the terrorists. Seven years have passed but the justice has not come. Only if the illiteracy, corruption and poverty are challenged then the road of the democracy can be smooth. To guide the people in that way is the responsibility of the politicians. We want the justice of the war criminals and the killing of the journalist and all political killings. The justice has to be out of all kinds of influences.

Recently the Prime-Minister Sheikh Hasina has reported that in the reign of the BNP-Jammat led govt. 14 journalists have been killed. This information is true as well as it is also true that in the regime of the present government 7 journalists have also been killed. But she has recognized the half-truth and indirectly refused to agree with the last part. Channel 1, Jamuna TV, Amar Desh has also been banned in this regime. We don’t want the half-truth but the full one. Will it be possible to come to the position of the full truth in stead of the half one.

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Suddenly from this afternoon we couldn’t visit/open this site, but why we don’t know. Euro Bangla has published a special report on torturing-killing of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in Bangladesh. It was the last update. We would like to invite you please write your thinking in Eoro Bangla. We do believe freedom of speech. So we would like to uphold the freedom of speech. It is our top priority. It also working against all kinds of torture and extra judicially killings. The Euro Bangla wants to do an objective and neutral journalism. We would like to work for better world where would be harmony, peace, democracy and of course human rights.
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Last uploaded report in Euro Bangla:-

By Jahangir Alam Akash: The term “extrajudicial killing” means execution without justice. This is a grave human rights violation. It’s both a violation of Bangladesh’s constitution and of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But these types of killings still occur frequently in Bangladesh.
The State Minister for Home Affairs and the Prime Minister of Bangladesh openly support the extrajudicial killings, despite the fact that Bangladesh signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the Convention against Torture. Not only that, the constitution of Bangladesh also safeguards the right to life.
The government of Bangladesh has been violating the constitution and Universal Declaration of Human Rights since 2004. According to Article 35(5) of the constitution of Bangladesh and Article 5 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; “No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.” And according to Article 3 of the constitution of Bangladesh, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” But, in practice, Bangladesh does not ensure the right to life and has not complied with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the constitution of Bangladesh.
We can see that state institutions such as the judiciary, the rule of law, regulations, the constitution and the national assembly have been disabled. The media’s role regarding extrajudicial killings covered up under reports of “crossfire”, “gunfights” or “encounters” is negative and constrained. The media has only been publishing the normal reports about these encounters filed by the RAB or the police themselves.
A few human rights organizations have long been asking the government to stop the killings, terming them “extrajudicial”. Moreover, the High Court of Bangladesh, on June 29, 2009, asked the government to explain why killing people without a trial, in the form of extrajudicial killings, is not being declared as illegal, and why measures are not being taken against the perpetrators. After this ruling, we still haven’t seen anything happen.
Extrajudicial killings continue even in violation of the High Court’s ruling. How can they continue? It’s very alarming for human rights, democracy and the right to life. And why is the High Court silent regarding this gross human rights violation?
Both governmental and nongovernmental sources have said that the death toll has reached over 250 from such extrajudicial killings – labeled as “crossfire” killings, “encounter” killings or “gunfight” killings by the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and the police – since January 6, 2009 (from January 6, 2009 to March 21, 2010) when the Awami League-led government assumed office. In Bangladesh, we have a so-called democracy, but there is no rule of law. Every day sees more killings of citizens by the state machinery, killings which are both well-planned and covered up.
The Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has been violating the constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights day after day since 2002 (including operation clean heart). In 2004, the BNP-Jamaat government made a decision about extrajudicial killings and formed the RAB. From March 26, 2004 until December 24, 2010 over 1,750 people (including the killed figure 58 under operation clean heart in 2002) have been killed without justice. Though, according to the secret source, over 7,000 people have been killed only by the RAB since 2004.
The government of Bangladesh has sided with the extrajudicial killings. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has also said, in an indirect way, that extrajudicial killings will continue. She spoke clearly, upholding “crossfire” killings. What was said by our popular Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in New York is very unfortunate for the rule of law, democracy, the constitution, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as the people of Bangladesh.
According to the Bdnews24.com, Sheikh Hasina talked with journalists in New York on Sept. 27, 2009. Referring to “crossfire” killings at the time, she said, “I do not believe in extrajudicial killings. But if anyone launches an armed attack (against a law enforcer), then they shouldn’t be allowed to kill them like sitting ducks.”
Bangladesh’s so-called elite force RAB and the police continues to engage in extrajudicial killings despite Supreme Court directives to halt it. Although the court is handling the issue of extrajudicial killings, RAB does not seem to be bothered either about the judiciary or the country’s laws.
At least 132 people were killed in RAB and police’s custody since the court issued a suo moto order on Nov. 17, 2009 asking the government for an explanation into such types of killings. The High Court on Dec. 14, 2009 expressed grave concern over the recurring extrajudicial killings even as 11 people were killed in custody since the issuance of a suo moto order on Nov. 17, 2009 asking the government for an explanation on the matter.
During the court hearing, the Attorney General was asked to convey the court’s concern to the director general of RAB. The High Court also asked the Attorney General to take initiatives so that no such killings took place till the next hearing scheduled for January 9. 2010 In addition, the HC also asked the state’s top law officer for the names of RAB officials of Madaripur that were involved in detaining two brothers Lutfor and Khairul Khalasi who were killed on November 16. Later we heard that, that particulars bench of the High Court has broken by the Chief Justice before hearing. Why, we don’t know?
When the present ruling Awami League party was in opposition, they often raised their voices against extrajudicial killings. Not only that, during the last general election, which brought them to power, they often said that extrajudicial killings should be stopped. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also told the international community that her government did not support extrajudicial killings. Indeed, the government’s attitude, work and words on this issue of crossfire are unfortunately inappropriate.
The assertions of responsible people in the present government are shocking. Home minister Sahara Khatun recently said that, there was no crossfire. It seems, either directly or indirectly, the home minister and other ministers are defending the perpetrators of such “crossfire” killings. Finally we can say that, in Bangladesh has no rule of law.
RAB also brutally tortured many journalists and human rights defenders. They were tortured journalist F M Masum (The New Age), Journalist Ahmed Noor (former Prothom Alo correspondent), Jahangir Alam Akash (DW, Sangbad & CSB News). The journalists were persecuted by RAB, because they have disclosed the RAB atrocities. RAB also killed the a freedom fighter Nirapad Kobiraj in the name of crossfire. Thousands people have been tortured by RAB. Many tortured and killed people by the RAB were very innocent.
Actually RAB is always violating human rights. Many are the responsible for many kidnapped and secret murders. Ward Commissioner of Dhaka City Corporation Chowdhury Alam was kidnapped by RAB. Still he is disappearance. RAB is the black chapter for human rights. RAB is the state killer force. RAB can do all what they wants. RAB is above all kinds of law. The killers of the RAB should trial those who were getting impunity already. Many RAB officials have got promotion and prize on the measurements of crossfire killings. RAB should be accountable and should be band.

Some examples of RAB atrocities:-

We have many other RAB atrocities.