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By Jahangir Alam Akash: Every person has dignity. For an individual’s dignity is a very important component to living in a civilized society. But the individual’s dignity has been hampered in various ways. A lack of democracy and the rule of law is, every day, violating the dignity of the individual around the world. This is especially common in Asia. Due to human rights violations, terrorism, militancy, poverty, undemocratic attitudes, corruption, discrimination, intolerance and injustice, human dignity has been hampered all over the world. So, every civilized society and state needs to uphold human dignity. If every state and society respects human dignity, then peace and happiness will come into the world. In spite of the fact that the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights ensures human dignity, most of the countries of the world has been violating it. We can say that human dignity indicates a person’s basic needs for living. It is a universal responsibility for every government to provide people their basic needs. But we have seen that most of the governments of the world haven’t provided for their peoples’ fundamental needs. Insecurity, injustice, inequality, poverty and the lack of democracy, accountability and the rule of law are the main barriers to upholding dignity in the world. Many people have no food, clothes, housing, clean water, sanitation, education, health, nutrition and human rights. Asian peoples especially have been facing great challenges regarding human dignity. During the present global economic crisis, Amnesty International has started a Demand Dignity Campaign with an aim to end global poverty by working to strengthen recognition and protection of the rights of the poor. The campaign will demand the leadership, accountability and transparency, which are essential to end the human rights violations that keep people poor. Thanks to Amnesty International for their activities to reduce poverty. With gross poverty, inhumanity, inequality, injustice and without other fundamental rights, how can we even imagine human dignity?


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